View Full Version : GeForce4 Ti 4200 - 128MB or 64MB?

10-13-02, 10:32 PM
I am buying a card for my system and im wondering which is better, the ti4200 128 or 64. The speed on the XFX card says that the 64 is faster but im not sure. I would also like to know if the XFX cards are better than the gainward ones.


10-13-02, 11:09 PM
Well, the Gainward Ti 4200's are giving a number of people problems, so I wouldn't go for one. I'm not at all sure about the quality of XFX's products.

As for the speed, the 64MB cards are generally faster, but may slow down for future games (big if here, btw...the 64MB cards may prove to be faster quite a while into the future...and you will always be able to drop texture quality if the 64MB is too little for max texture quality...).

Since the 128MB cards generally cost more, the choice should be clear.

Well, except for one thing. The new AGP8x Ti 4200's appear to all have the same clock speeds, meaning that an AGP8x Ti 4200 with 128MB would be an even better choice, depending on the cost, of course. The performance increase from having more memory won't be that significant, so I'd only get one if it was in the range of $15-$20 more or so.

10-14-02, 12:12 AM
Well, i only have a regular agp slot in my comp, so i dont think i can get an 8x card. I was wondering if you could recommend what is a good company to buy my card from, and if stepping up to the 4400 128 is a better choice if im set on a 128 card.

10-14-02, 12:38 AM
As long as you have an AGP4x slot, the 8x card should work.

As for the differences between the cards, the #1 difference is in 2D image quality for a high-resolution desktop. Anandtech put up a small Ti 4200 roundup not too long ago:


Anandtech seems to think that the Visiontek has the best 2D image quality, and many on these forums seem to agree with that assessment. Other good companies seem to be PowerColor and eVGA.

10-14-02, 12:45 AM
Well then, i think ill go with the 8x 4200 128 card. Just to make sure though, where can i check in my comp settings to see if it is a standard 4x slot. OR do i have to open it up to see?

10-14-02, 01:28 AM
Opening it up shouldn't be necessary. I suppose the easiest way might be to download WCPUID (You should be able to find it with a quick web search through google or something) and see what the supported AGP rates are.

And if your motherboard is too old for an AGP4x (or 8x) video card, then you probably need to upgrade other things before you upgrade your video card.

10-14-02, 01:37 AM
Of course, the only problem might be finding an 8X AGP Ti 4200. It might be a couple of weeks before they're readily available.