View Full Version : ASUS V9520/FX5200 card w/capture makes system reboot

dex Otaku
05-06-04, 04:46 PM
This card has been trouble off and on since I got it. Asus' drivers are completely useless buggy garbage; the Nvidia drivers usually work, but the WDM capture drivers have never worked properly.

The only version of the WDM capture driver that has ever worked near-proper is the oldest version I have from Nvidia [1.22]. None of the versions since have worked at all - either the S-Video in doesn't work at all [I do use it with a Hi8 camera] or it kept making the CRT reset at random times, making it useless.

Does anyone know of a good driver combination for the MV capture chip to work properly? The 1.22 drivers make my system reboot randomly as I stop capture [which is very frustrating as it means having to redo the entire capture].