View Full Version : Hard Drive Rec

10-14-02, 01:33 AM
Hey ppl, im looking for a new HD to compliment my IBM 60gxp 40 gig, which has worked flawlessly since I got it, im primarily looking @ this drive, WD WESTERN DIGITAL "SPECIAL EDITION" 80GB 7200RPM EIDE HARD DRIVE MODEL # WD800JB. Anyone have any experience with this particular model or family? Looking for some insight or other recomendations on drives, 60-80 gigs (im gonna partition @ least 10 gigs for school so I can install Linux), cant afford the higher 120+ ones since im getting a new case along with the drive, most likely an Antec Performance II or Plus case with the 400/430watt psu. :)

10-14-02, 11:46 AM
I have the WD and all is well. :) seems like a very fast drive.

10-14-02, 11:52 AM
I've got the 120gb version of said drive, and it is awesome. Haven't had a single problem with it.