View Full Version : BFG, Gainwood, Pny???

05-07-04, 02:56 AM
hi everyone,

In the next few months i am going to get a geforce 6800 ultra-E but which will be the best brand name to go for? there are so many.
Do they perform different from each other? At the moment i own a PNY Geforce fx 5900U which i havnt had any trouble with.

Please help me! :)

p.s Are pny a good model???

05-07-04, 05:53 AM
Can't say yet, because while we all have our favorite brands, the fact is not enough brands have released pictures or information regarding their individual versions of the GF6. I mean some use the Nvidia reference cooling designs like EVGA, but then some brands get more original with the heatsink and fan. Maybe you'd like one with dual fans, three fans, LED fans, huge heatsink, slim heatsink, fan with a dust filter, Vivo, or an awesome game package included... see my point?

Wait for the top brands to release their GF6 version and see which one you like.