View Full Version : Steam CS Splash Screen Prob 5900XT

05-08-04, 01:40 AM
Hello, I just bought a MSI 5900XT and upgraded from a Radeon, and I had completely removed the drivers. As close as you can get w/o formatting anyway. I followed a system purge guide @ rage3d that was fairly thorough in removing ati drivers. Anyway, I load up Steam and it plays fine and everything, but when i'm in the splash screen for CS (where it shows cs picture and you have options, friends, quit, etc) the mouse keeps disappearing. It just really bugs me. A friend suggested to reinstall steam, but that didn't do much. I also did that fairly thoroughly, even waiting to replace my backup files until after i saw if it was any steam settings. Any idea on what could be the cause of this? Sometimes when i minimize and come back into cs i also get some corruption on the splash screen. Again, it's only the splash screen, so playing the game has been fine so far. Really glad i got this card. I also noticed when i first installed the nvidia the mouse was kind of stuttering, i turned the hardware thing down one notch, and it seemed to fix that. Was hoping it would fix the flickering mouse and corruption on the splash screen, but didn't do much. Thanks for any help,