View Full Version : Organic Art, Win XP & nVIDIA drivers

05-08-04, 02:13 AM

I'm using a DirectX screensaver/application called Organic Art Deluxe which basically moves 3D meshes around on the screen. With Win 98, the graphics flowed smoothly. However, with Win XP the motion is jerky, although the framerates are about the same (20-80 fps, depending on the complexity of the current object).

These artifacts are least apparent with the default Win XP driver (v 29.58), but this doesn't allow used of features such as FSAA, etc. and other DX or OpenGL apps don't work at all. I've been able to get usable results by using the relased Detonator drivers closest to the Win XP version (29.80), but they aren't great. All of the later nVidia drivers that I've tried were awful, very jerky. The latest ones I looked at were about 2 months ago, I don't remember the version.

I've tried enabling/disabling all of the options in the nVidia control panel, without appreciable effect. I also have several computers/motherboards/processors/video card combinations, which all show this behavior, so it is probably not a hardware-specific issue.

Can anyone help? I've tried everything I can think of. I'm planning to get a new motherboard & video card but I would like to try to resolve this problem first.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Epox 8K7A/Athlon XP 1700+/ASUS V7700 Geforce2
ASUS A7A266/Athlon T-Bird-1.33 GHz/Diamond Viper V770
Tyan S1854/PIII 600 MHz/Diamond Viper V550