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10-14-02, 10:24 AM
settin up an Asus A7V8X KT400 board with XP 2200 and Asus Ti 4600, using 256MB of PC3200 CAS 2 Corsair. So far got 11k 3D Marks stock, but still want a lil more.

The few DDR settings I havent really a clue about are:

RAS to CAS - Currently at 4T
RAS Precharge - Currently at 4T
Active Precharge - Currently 10T
1T Command Control - Currently at Auto
Bank Interleave - Currently at Auto

Thats running the meory at 400, whereas running at 333 (the faster option somehow), it defaults to:


Got all other settings optimised as far as i know, using 30.82 Dets and VIA 4.43 4 in 1s. Havent looked into BIOS updates yet tho...

I gotta bear in mind this systems not going to be overclocked at all, its staying at stock, for the actual user has no idea :p


10-14-02, 09:12 PM

Awesome BIOS guide there.