View Full Version : strange happenings with 56.72 drivers

05-09-04, 02:22 PM
Okay.. I have a geforce 5900XT by MSI and installed the 56.72 drivers from nvidia a while back..

Now I just noticed something weird. If I put antialising on to 2xQ (quincuix or something) and 8x AF (might also happen with different settings, especially with AA)... when I go to some websites.. (http://www.divx.com seems to work ..) after a short while, my screen flickers and then my fonts go somewhat blurred as if the AA starts to kick in on 2D. Why? Wtf?!

When I close the browsaer (Internet explorer) everything returns to normal, but I can still browse pages in the current browser and all the pages ahve their fonts blurred slightly from AA'ing. Also it does it not just to the browser window but the whole screen.

Is this a bug or what, anyone else had it happen, I'm goin a bit mad :( somehow the drivers are mistaking IE for a game lol.. :screwy:

ps, i think it has to do with some java plugin called "fcpred" whatever that is? If it is this, then it could also be caused by the java version (latest runtime from java.sun.com)

Try this yourself if you have the same drivers!! :kill: