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10-14-02, 12:54 PM
Gentleman is having a hard time registering for the forums, so he asked me to post this on his behalf in hopes of finding an answer.....


Ive been having a bit (not a bit really) of a trouble with my geforce on windows 98... i tried upgrading to the new detonator drivers (40.72) and ever since everything is just "broken"

Im restricted to use 256 colors or less and at low resolutions even the refresh rate is restricted to two options - Default or "Unknown" (which ofcourse causes my screen to black out)....(If i do change the res.. which is limited up to 1024*768 .. the refresh rate changes to "unknown" which forces me to boot in safe mode and revert back to 640*480 with 16 colors (16 colors.. not 16bit...)
Although the card does have the drivers properly installed.. i do not get any of the nvidia control panels (any panels except for the default ones that any vid card would have are just missing... ) .. the Nview control in the Control panel is there.. but it wont go into Enabled mode (it would flip in and out immediatly) ...

I tried reinstalling the drivers ..even 4 other set's of drivers including the original ones that came with the card (which were the ones i used before i tried to update)... i even reinstalled the screen drivers without any luck ...

Tried using NVmax to remove the old nvidia drivers... removed the card from the Device menager (including the screen) rebooted and installed all over again... but still.. the same problem....

I even reinstalled DX8.1 ... still nothing

Anyone got a clue what might fix my problem?
(NVmax does state that it has an error loading NVcpl.dll ... which just happens to be linked to the control panel... but the file was replaced several times with different versions.... )


10-14-02, 08:55 PM
reinstall your monitor's .inf file.

The Baron
10-14-02, 09:01 PM

10-18-02, 02:53 PM
This driver is still bugged.

The games work fine, but running a windows program from a fullscreen DOS prompt, either causes corrupted icons in the launched program, or the entire display crashes with a black screen error in winoldapp....

Of course, only happens in win9x......