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05-09-04, 04:31 PM
Have you ever found yourself forgetting stuff all the time, or want a kinda-ipod, but not willing to pay that much for JUST a mp3 player? How about sitting somewhere wishing you could play a quick game or two? Here's your answer: THE Compaq iPAQ 3765 w/ retail box & compact flash card slot extension (as well as the PC cradle), also includes a Targus keyboard, extra screen protectors, a copy of AOL2.0, 56k compact flash modem.
Unit is in mint condition.

It's a 206mhz StrongARM, 16-bit color display, 320x240 res, 64mb of ram, was factory loaded with CE2002 (PocketPC2002, if you prefer), and the unit is applicable for the 2003 upgrade. (never bought it though.) The unit is flashed with the service pack put out by HP, but before transit, I'd reset the device to clear out my own personal settings.

I was going to use this for college, but things worked out to the point I could get a laptop (which I wanted more anyway).

A good number of pictures. There's a ninth,
The others were taken before I cleaned the screen off, there was a bit of dust on it from not being used. The 'pockets' are air bubbles caught under the screen protector.

Value to be made here.
Unit itself can be found for $140 online
HP CompactFlash expansion slot: $40
Targus Foldaway keyboard is $72 at Amazon
Targus CF 56k modem is $37 at Amazon

$290 value here
I'd like $160 shipped.
I'm open to any reasonable offer or trade.
Prefer paypal, (Creditcards are accepted), and money orders.

05-09-04, 08:07 PM
Heatware under Akucaen

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