View Full Version : guild wars trial already started.

05-11-04, 12:19 AM
come join the game.

05-11-04, 01:01 AM
I just checked it out and went on a few battles. This was my first MMORPG and I liked it especially the fact there will be no monthly charges when released. I think I can get into this type of game after all.

05-11-04, 06:12 AM
What...no monthly charges? But...but what excuse am I going to use now to avoid playing it and getting my life sucked into an MMORPG? Bah, this could be the end of my productivity as we know it (well, what little I had before).

Downloading now, what's the game like? Kinda Diablo-ish? I heard it was made by a few ex-Blizzard employees.

05-11-04, 07:21 AM
Meh doesn't look very impressive

05-15-04, 09:10 PM
Not impressive? :retard:

Oh well, guess it's just me then... but I was really impressed by the game. I didn't expect much of it... but eventhough this was only a short preview of the full game, it felt like it was ready to be sold... Heck I would've even bought it if it were on sale in this form... :kill:

I just love Guild Wars and the game can not come out too soon for me. :cool3:

This is me and a clanmate just a few minutes after we discovered the E3 For Everyone opened one day sooner than expected:


I posted some more screens in my clanforum here: http://phoenix.interex-net.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1305&st=0

05-15-04, 09:45 PM
FYI - they opened it on Monday.. 2 days early.

05-16-04, 07:51 AM
FYI - they opened it on Monday.. 2 days early.

:retard: It did? Or is that US time (so you add another 9 hours to get CET)? Cause I checked on the 10th and I couldn't play, but when I tried on the 11th in the Morning I could play.

05-16-04, 08:02 AM
It simply failed to impress me, they should have held out instead of releasing this demo until they had more features built in.

05-16-04, 01:31 PM
The only "big" features that were missing were trading, 7 other towns, creating guilds (which is kinda useless in 4 days) and leveling. And I didn't even mind that I couldn't level up, and I got the impression that many other people didn't mind either. I just had a blast doing 4 vs 4 in the Arena, doing co-op missions (8 player teams in the Mountain Preview, and 4 player teams in the regular missions) and doing 8 vs 8 vs 8 vs 8 in the Tombs of Drascir.

Most features were already implemented like many gamemodes... I'm sure they could've added more features, but what use is it to implement more features for just 4 days of testing? That would've been overkill.

Btw Guild Wars had 175.000 registered players during the E3 test. That's simply amazing. :)