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05-12-04, 05:59 PM
Does anyone have this problem? Everytime when you right click on an icon/file, the screen will flicker(the screen will turn black and back). Or when you delete a file the screen will flick too.

Anyone has a fix for it?

05-12-04, 06:15 PM
sounds like a power problem to me (power supply is not good enough) or if you are overclocking, then you are overclocking too much. (or both .. i.e. power supply is not good enough for the overclocking speed)

05-12-04, 07:36 PM
My geforce 5600U is in default clock speed 400/400. I didn't overclock it. The flickering only happens when I right-click on the file or delete a file. It only flicker once.

05-12-04, 08:16 PM
I agree, look at your psu. Do you have a 'quality psu?' Check the voltage output ratings on the sticker of your psu, then, check your actual voltage output on the voltage +3.3V, +5V. and +12V rails in the bios or in MBM, if installed.

If you notice considerable flucuation in the readings of any of the rails or if one rail (especially the +12V) is close to be out of spec or is out of spec then your psu is potentially the problem. Of course, there are other things that can cause flickering.

05-13-04, 04:55 AM
is it all files or just AVI files? some have mentioned something a bit like this happening with AVI's, something to do with the new drivers 'playback on tv' file option.

05-13-04, 08:00 PM
Yes, it only happens to avi files. Other files are fine. And it only happens to the newer drivers.

05-14-04, 06:58 AM
Although this one-time flickering is not happening to everyone, it is quite normal. There is nothing to worry about, your graphiccard is perfectly working.

This one-time flickering happens when you select a video file which Windows automatically tries to open and therefore the graphiccard driver is switching on the overlay mode to display the video. This enabling of the overlay mode is responsible for the flickering, nothing to be worried about.

There is unfortunately not much you can do it because it's system depending. You can try older drivers which have different timings which could eliminate this flickering but I don't think that this is worth trying since the one-time flickering should not be annoying.

07-24-04, 09:38 PM
To All Concerned,

I concur with Morrow's assessment. I'm having this "problem" too, and while it's slightly annoying, I have not had any problems out of games, etc. My system is running fine overall and rock-solid. It's slightly annoying, but I'm glad I came across this thread. Googling it for awhile didn't really turn up anything.

I'm on a 5900XT with the new Nvidia 61.76 drivers.

Best Wishes,

11-07-04, 08:33 AM
See forum thread Screen goes blank when clicking nVidia tray icon or videos (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=37959) for a fix to this problem.