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05-12-04, 08:07 PM
I posted in msi forum this: "I have a K7N2 ISLR. I don't know but suddenly in the sounds and audio devices, disappear the midi and voice playback nvidia nForce(TM) audio. The truth is that it there but it can't firm it in the box. The strange is that the test hardware of the audio is ok. The Sound recorder don't work and other applications of voice playback can't work.
Another problem:
I downloaded the news msi forceware drivers to try to fix the problem. When I run the setup.exe it begins, prepare the files for installation and stop suddenly. For test, I downloaded the video drivers alone and the audio drivers alone. The installation of video drivers was normal, but the audio drivers installations was like the unified drivers.
Please, someone can help me.
trying to help:
is the onboard sound on bios is enabled???

Sure. The audio works. Only the midi and voice playback don't work.

use the Nvidia Unified Driver from nvidia they work better
Click on Platform/ nforce drivers then Unifield driver
that should fix your problem

I have tried Nvidia drivers too and nothing. Just now, I downloaded the news Nvidia drivers(10 of may) and the installation stops suddenly.
Before, It seems to me that the Norton Antivirus is the problem, but even in the safe mode can't install.

I don't think you can install this driver in safe mode
Try disabling Nortons first and see if that works.
Also how about an older version of Unifield driver?

The only thing I don't tried is to disable norton goback. And Norton Antivirus how can I disable it? It's seems imposible. Well, I'll begin trying to disable goback. Let's see if it's works.

Well if you go to start/run and type msconfig and navigate to the start-up tab then disable all then restart. that will disable Norton’s for sure then when you are done go back and enable all/or enable the one you want.

I disabled goback and the same thing, nothing...
Now, I'll try to restart in the selective startup without "Load startup items".


I'm nearly to desist. I restarted on selective Startup and Diagnostic StartUp, the system was clean and nothing. What more can I do?