View Full Version : Strange behavior with my 5900nu... Advice needed.

05-13-04, 12:55 AM
I have run out of ideas as to what the issue is and I hope one of you has some suggestions. Basically I like to keep a general tally of real time game tests and synthetic benchmarks, so I can adequately judge any performance increases when I upgrade. Recently I upgraded to a A64 3200+ with a nForce3 motherboard from my XP 2500+ w/nForce2 motherboard. I ran through my usual suite of applications except I noticed that several were now giving lower numbers than my previous nForce2 XP 2500+ setup. Particularly X2 (test 17), UT2k3 ctf-face3 fly-by, and serious magic texture upload test. In X2 only test 17 seems to be affected, but now only gives about 70fps instead of the regular 120fps. ctf-face3 also about the same percentage decrease, while in serious magic texture upload I now only get about 129Mb/s. On HardOCP it was shown that both the 9800/5900 should get around 179Mb/s.

The strange thing is that I messed around with the drivers, memory settings, card positions, etc, with no effect. Then all suddenly it started working fine only to go away after another couple of days, but I know it is possible to get same results on my nForce3 board. I have tried my 5900nu in my brother's system and get the expected "normal" results. I have ruled out the PS since I have sufficient power and I have probed with a multimeter to make sure the 12V rail is fine (11.9V steady). I have tried multiple drivers from 44.03 - 56.72, nForce drivers 3.13 - 4.24, reseating the card, pulling out the sound card, memory timings, AGP aperture size, forcing 2x,4x,8x AGP, FW on/off, SBA on/off, clean Win2k/XP reinstalls, yet nothing since to make an affect. I am also aware that the nForce3 150 only has a HyperTransport of 600Mhz, but increasing or decreasing this doesn't make an effect unless I drop it below 300Mhz. The symptons simply seem to come an go at will. Does anyone have any clue to what might be causing this?

Overall my performance seems to be the same, but these 3 tests consistently give the same results (either "low" or "normal"). The only common fact about these test is that they seem to require data to be transferred across the AGP bus either due to large texture sizes or performing uploads across the AGP bus. Another AGP bus test (transfering data to GFFX frame buffer) by Pete Bernert (PSX emulator plugin writer) also shows lower frame buffer speed than my GF4. I am completely lost and while it isn't really critical, affecting only a small subset of programa, I am very curious to find the cause.


05-13-04, 03:43 AM
What operating system are you using? Consider trying Server 2003 (Win64). IMHO, its the best Windows OS ever. It runs awesome, even on my 32-bit jammy (Win32).

Free trial here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/downloads/trialsoftware/default.mspx

05-13-04, 09:52 AM
I have tried both Windows XP Pro and 2k, but since they are essentially the same thing I get the same results. Actually I haven't been able to get the "normal" results back since Monday, or rather 5 reinstalls and a hundred system tweaks ago. LOL. I am stumped. I would just say it is the card except it works in other systems and overall it give the same performance, just not in this subset of applications. I know I am being overly anal, but I would really like to figure it out.