View Full Version : Overscan control not working on Leadtek FX5200 (A340 T)

05-13-04, 01:33 AM
Using a Leadtek FX5200 (A340 T) I can see the overscan buttons on the nview "Device Adjustments" page, but they don't have any effect on the actual TV output -- i.e. I cannot set the TV output to "overscan." Hitting the "-" vs the "+" square does nothing. Does anyone know if this capability is available on this card, or if something is simply wrong with the installation? I'm wondering if I have some sort of corrupted driver installation since I was under the impression that if the card didn't support this setting, the buttons would simply not be visible.

I noticed the exact same behavior with a PNY GF4 MX 440 (installed in the same system) where the buttons were present, but they had no effect on the image.

Thanks for any information on this,