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05-14-04, 02:43 PM
When are we going to see more online stores doing pre orders for the 6800 series cards? They are supposed to be released like the first week of June or there after? The only one I have seen are EVGA brand where are all the other brands? I am starting to think Nvidia are having problems producing these cards, I hope they prove me wrong and release them soon! :bleh:

05-14-04, 02:46 PM
when availability becomes closer

05-14-04, 02:55 PM
Like I said in another thread, BFG are saying now that their 6800U should start to be availble in retail in the last week of june.

05-14-04, 03:03 PM
Ugghh! Last week of June now! Ohhh the pain the pain! (pb)

05-14-04, 04:45 PM
I have preordered a 'Gainward 6800 Ultra 256MB U/2600 Golden Sample' at WEBHALLEN.com (a Swedish online store).

Supposed to be available on June 1...

05-14-04, 05:41 PM
maybe someone needs to just call up evga or bfg and just flat ask em whats up. the whole thing is kinda wierd to me considering how proactive nv was w/ the preorders for the last 2 FX series cards were.

05-14-04, 07:15 PM
Some on line retailers are showing the 17th of this month for the Evga. I have been hearing the 31st of this month for most others. The first models out are supposed to be the 6800, and the 6800u. The GT has a later date, mid to late june.

I very well may get a 6800u by Evga because they have that 'upgrade program' that lasts for 3months after purchase where you can switch your card for a better version if it comes out.

The two power lines are needed on the 6800u because it has 'little head room' in a single line when it is running at 400mhz. Which means if you want to go for the 450 OC you will likely want the two lines, aka 6800u. We have seen the GT do 425, but I'd rather be safe myself. When the card is released in a PCI version most of these concerns will be moot.