View Full Version : Subscription to play pc games

05-15-04, 04:01 AM

Yup the Phanton has failed already

05-15-04, 08:34 AM
Not necessarily they may have a chance with the beginner gamer or some kid that cant afford a uber system but can get his parents to pony up half of that $30 monthly fee. "The receiver is a 2.5Ghz PC, with a 40 gigabyte hard drive and 256 megabytes of Ram" will be free to those that subscribe to 2 years which may be tempting to alot. If they can provide some of the newest games under there subscription some may buy one in hopes they can save some money on games and even hardware. HL2 and DOOMIII for $29 a month sounds good but most likely you will be getting HL1 and DOOMII. :)