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05-15-04, 05:13 PM
On my way home from work, I gave some thought to how we all 'use' to play games. I remember when my dad first bought me a Nintendo 8 bit, I was overjoyed. Super Mario Brothers was my favorite game at the time. I can't remember how many times I went thru that game, front and back.

Now as I play these very cool looking games, even with incredible game play, I start to wonder; Am I really having fun?

I use to really cherish being able to get a game, and enjoy it as much as humanly possible. Play it front to back, side to side, time myself to see how fast I can beat it after I mastered it.

Now I just cant wait to get to the ending, throw it in the dust bin, and get another game to satisfy my gaming fix.

It also brings up another point; Why do game developers make their fantastic, over the top games, so short? It seems that almost all developers are hitting the 10 hr mark, almost methotically.

But back to the point :)

I just wish I still had that zeal that I had back in the 8 bit days.

*Goes off to play his fresh copy of splinter cell:PT*


05-15-04, 05:30 PM
I know how you feel. Im only 16 and the pure untouchable enjoyment of playing a new game is gone. I was three years old when the SNES hit store shelves. My parents bought it for my two older brothers 16 and 17 at the time. The first day I spent 6 hours trying to beat the first level of Super Mario World. Ahh the memories.

05-15-04, 05:41 PM
Same for me... I remember playing my atari, and nintendo.. back about 9 years ago. I was overjoyed when I got an NES for my birthday. But now, PCGaming is still fun... but it seems I read about it more than I play it..lol

05-15-04, 06:09 PM
maybe your all just growing up :)

Na I know what your sayin, and the whole 50bucks for 10hr's of entertainment is a bunch of crap. For example "Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles"

I beat it in just under 12hrs, WTF is that!? Final Fantasy games used to be 60+hrs, when you played it, you knew you were in for the long hual.

Last great RPG I played all the way through and enjoyed every minute of it was Gothic2.

FPs's are really loosing their shine with me, it's all the same game, just looks a bit better. Battlefield brought vehciles to the mix, and I mean a GOOD balance of vehicles, not the crap thats in UnrealT04

Just goes to prove that good graphics don't make a game, it's gotta be fun to play. (Like Advance WArs for GBA)

05-15-04, 06:35 PM
Well I have evolved somewhere. I hardly play any fps except that amazing Far Cry. When I was younger I used to play just about every fps on the market and some racing sims. Now I am heavily into flight sims of all kinds including X2. One period I was into rts it kinds of moves around for me.

But there aren´t many games that totally catches me like Doom and Duke Nukem did. The only one that has really done it is Far Cry to some degree and actually Morrowind. That game I played for no ends for months. I actually think I got addicted to it something I never really have felt before. Played it until I puked at it really. After playing Morrowind I kind of lost all interest of gaming for some reason though but it starts to come back now.

I am not playing the same way now as for 10 years ago though...

05-15-04, 06:40 PM
we have been spoilt for choice I reckon. I am enjpying Painkiller ATM! fun fun game

05-15-04, 06:59 PM
True, I used to get much more excited over playing new games when I was young. But now, we've all played hundreds and hundreds of games, and it takes a lot more to excite us. Sure, there's a few notables: last year I played through MGS2 in all of the difficulty modes just because I could (it was cool that you had extra mission objectives in higher difficulties, too). And for some reason I played through Dino Crisis 2 a LOT, that game really appealed to me for some reason. But for the most part, I'll beat a game, and I'll never want to touch it again. Most games just seem so...generic now. For example I'm playing through AvP2/Primal Hunt at the moment, and I find it quite boring and I just want to finish the damn thing. In fact most of the recent single-player games I've played are like that. Perhaps it's simply because we feel like we've already played every new game comes out, I tried playing NOLF2 but to me it just seemed like a generic FPS game (even with it's interesting extras and character stats). I mean, how many times have I pointed a gun at an enemy and clicked the mouse button by now? I don't think we'll really get that same feeling again until we play a new genre that we haven't yet...or at least a game that's drastically different from all other games. I'm working on a game like that right now as a HL2 mod ;)

Multiplayer games do offer quite a bit more longevity: I've been playing Natural Selection for over a year and a half now. But even then I can really only play a game or two of it at a time before I get bored of it: for the first few months I played it I could go several hours straight, sometimes it would seem like I would wake up, play NS, and then go to bed. But now, there's really nothing that perks my intrest that much, so I'm going between several games (AvP2, NS, and Jak 2).

I'm not sure why this is...do people new to gaming look at todays games the same way we looked at games when we were young? Who knows, maybe we just don't take the time to enjoy the games like we should be. Seems like we complain about the bad games more than we play the good games.

05-15-04, 08:33 PM
Gaming has improved but more-so graphics wise IMO. The fun and content sis not what it use to be for most games on the pc. Gone are the days of games like Grim Fandango The Longest Journey, Monkey Island and Myst. The adventure/mystery/puzzle solving genre on the pc is pretty much dead with very few and far and between titles. The FPS genre I have to say has improved with the likes of Far Cry, COD etc and will even more with HL2 and DOOMIII. But thats it, ONLY THE FPS GENRE HAS IMPROVED!!! :lame:

Consoles which began my gaming odyssey with a Atari 2600 reached its pinnacle for me with the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. I rememer there were so many frigging games to choose from I use to hate the fact they released so many. Super Mario World I played almost every day of my life for about 2 years no joke. :lol2: They have have some good games out now but they dont come close to what they use to be even though graphics have improved. Playstation 1 I think was even better than 2 with content. RPG's forget about it, I dont even play them anymore because I cant find any to hold my attention.

I am still enjoying gaming but not like I use to. But I guess its the times because not even cartoons what they use to be. ThunderCats, Duck Tails, Transformers, GI Joe,Tail Spin,..games Super Mario World, Alterd Beast, Desert Strike, Secret of Man, Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy VII, WarHawk, Mario 64 I can go on forever.

05-16-04, 10:25 AM
Duck Tails on the NES was awesome! So was the Rescue Rangers game two player, throwing boxes at each other was so much fun. Anyway, back on topic. I don't think it's that games are less fun, they're just becoming more generic. Half-Life started a gigantic tidal wave of scripting that has yet to slow. Scripting is always bad, as long as you have to think, but they're all so connect-the-dots/rail runner games now. Remember those old rail running video shooting games liek Rebel Assault? It didn't take long for those to get monotomous and the huge scripting in almost every genre now (especially FPS) has turned them into higher graphics rail runners. As long as this continues, the fun factor of replaying is low, and thus the games get chucked as soon as their rediculously short rail runs to its end.


05-16-04, 10:32 AM

World of warcraft ;)

05-16-04, 11:10 AM
IL 2 Sturmovik.....

You didn´t get flight simulators like that before...

But where the hell is those space simulators like X-wing?? After Starlancer we have had nothing!

05-16-04, 01:13 PM

In terms of graphics, but in terms of gameplay, to me they're all the same game, just different skins and levels...no real advancement in gameplay untill Battlefield brought vehicles to the mix. least, to me. :)

05-16-04, 01:20 PM
Morrowind gave me that feel. It put another dimension in RPGs.

05-16-04, 02:27 PM
Its something i've been saying a couple of years now, its not an enthusiasts industry anymore. Sony made and broke the industry with one swoop as the playstation made gaming "cool". A game now has to be "cool" to sell, and not immsersive with a few exceptions. I'm looking forward to a game that grabs me by the balls because its certainly been a few years.. :/

05-16-04, 03:39 PM
In terms of graphics, but in terms of gameplay, to me they're all the same game, just different skins and levels...no real advancement in gameplay untill Battlefield brought vehicles to the mix. least, to me. :)

That was NOLF that introduced the vehicular action in large scale Jarred... It was released ages before Battlefield 1942. It was the biggest evolution since Half Life. Most of the fps games out today uses NOLF:s concepts. Funnily it wasn´t such a huge success it ought to be. Gamers shied away from it because of the female hero with brain Cate Archer apparently. Being a mindless marine was apparently more appealing. Or watching Lara Crofts ass all the time :screwy:

Oh and Rytr thanks for mentioning Morrowind. Best game of all times really. Took me by surprise really. I thought it was a fps since it looked like a fps so man was it a steep learning curve. Morrowind was my first rpg so I had never heard of weapon degradation, spells, potions and levelling stuff ;)

Remember that it used to take me 10-15 minutes downing the simplest of enemies in god mode of course until I got the hang of how it worked ;)
Was this close giving up to it but then I got totally addicted to it. My journal ended up at 650 pages and that was with just Morrowind and Tribunal

05-16-04, 04:03 PM
Ahhhh, WHAT AM I HEARING! :) Next your going to tell me that you might ditch your PC's for MACS! :rolleyes:

05-16-04, 05:08 PM
I agree with all that been said.
Another thing that bothers me is the death of CO-OP games. as in Genesis SNES CO-OP not xbox love or what not with people you dont know and dont wanna know...
I occasionally try some old game like that on some emulator with my brother and it's usually more enjoyable than most games I play.

Another game type I miss is those futuristic mad speed racing games like Wipeout.

Nevertheless, there are new games I enjoy. mostly unpopular ones.

05-16-04, 05:57 PM
something that i think the industry is forgetting about is the fun of coop games. i remember in college, ther would be 20 of us (in a networked dorm), that would play rainbow six in coop mode and have a blast. i havent had that much fun since. dont get me wrong, team deathmatch is great and onslaught in ut2004 is fun, but if me and jakup and whoever else could hook up online and play far cry in coop mode.. MAN!!! that would rock. and something else, not enough games are non-linear. the greatest unscripted game is operation flashpoint. if i wanted to win by following the plan, or stealing a tank or stealing a car or sneaking in or whatever... i could. not very many games are like that. far cry is close to that, but not the true unscripted play. i just tried out star wars:kinghts of the old republic, and it didnt do anythign for me. just hack and slash. and far cry would never-ever stop being fun if i could hop online and join a server where we are trying to kill the "crazy monkeys"

05-22-04, 04:46 PM
COOP Gaming - absolutely agree. I wish someone would start a campaign. It would be great if HAlf-Life 2 were to come with COOP. I remember playing 2-player coop doom with 2 pcs and all those old school beat-em ups/shoot-em ups etc.

I'm seeing it come back slightly on consoles now. Deatmatch gets old quickly, which is why I do like FPS, but still don't feel that much of an urge to go online (that and I've been too lazy to get my noisy assed amd 2100+ pc back up and running). Don't get me wrong online gaming is great fun.

On my friends xbox I have seen a few good ones (only thing with console fps is control system cannot beat a mouse and keyboard - even on Halo - one of best FPS on consoles). Halo is made great by coop. Conflict desert Storm had good 4-player coop (but the console control system annoyed me).

My friend picked up Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for his cube and we are playing every weekend now.