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10-15-02, 03:20 AM
I'm planning to upgrade a computer system I have at home to -

AXP2000+ - 77.85 from http://www.komplett.co.uk

Leadtek Twinforce2 (Nforce 415 + Ti4200) - 154.44 from http://www.ebuyer.com

300W PSU Sparkle - 41.13 from http://www.overclockers.co.uk

256Mb PC2100 Cas2.5 Crucial - 52.88 from http://www.overclockers.co.uk

Quotes are a few days old.

this comes to 326.30
I will need to add in a cooler of some sort, of maybe I'll get a retail CPU with the HSF.

I don't intend to O/C at all, since my bro will be using it and I am trying to cut the costs but maintain a decent gaming system)

A few questions though.

1. Since money is an issue, can anyone get those pieces for significantly cheaper? (I'm not worried about a few 's difference)

2. I've heard horror stories about generic PSU's but there is a 400w PSU from ebuyer @ only 15.59 which is quite cheaper than that one from Sparkle. Any reason not to get a generic PSU?

3. What about performance difference from an AXP1600+ and an AXP2000+? since the 1600+ is at least 30 cheaper.

10-15-02, 07:21 AM
If you're not worried about a few s difference, you might wanna get the XP2000+ from eBuyer too (87). Komplett will charge you 84 including postage. The more companies you order from, the more likely you can run into delays, mix-ups, etc. The XP2000+ is easily worth 30 over the XP1600+ :)

You might wanna check out www.theoverclockingstore.com

They include postage for free generally, so the price you see is the price you pay :D and they're friendly and efficient too. If you want a cooler, they do the Zalman Aluminium/Copper Quiet CPU cooler for 31.71, and they have a 300W PSU for 17.61.

I can't see anything significantly cheaper then the prices you quote - in fact, the Twinfast is a steal! Oh, you can get Crucial memory slightly cheaper at www.crucial.com - there's a list of those modules at:
The cheapest is 42, which is a 10 saving, and their postage is always quick and efficient :)

As for poor quality PSUs, I can't think of major problems associated. They can be louder, and they can be hotter, but I'm sure someone will post a reply extolling the virtues of high quality PSUs ;)

edit: there's a 16 coupon available on this memory module, making it 39!

If they don't offer you the coupon, email me at dougalbudd@hotmail.com and you can use mine :)

10-15-02, 02:50 PM
hey good call on the memory :)

The Baron
10-15-02, 06:52 PM
Poor quality PSUs can have problems with maintaing a constant power flow. So, if you get a lot of completely random lockups and you know it's not heat, it's more than likely the PSU. Plus, if it explodes, you should be under warranty with a high quality one ;)