View Full Version : RAID and single HD ?

10-15-02, 06:38 AM
as you can see in my sig i have a Dragon KT333 which of course has RAID integrated.

would it possible to run my single Barracuda HD and CDrom on it to improve performance?

10-15-02, 06:56 AM
Raid won't do a thing with a single hard drive and isn't used with cd-roms.

It takes at least 2 identicle drives to use raid. One form of raid is mirrorring which writes the same data to both hard drives at the same time. This allows you to still have viable data if one of the drives crashes since each drive is a perfect mirror image of the other. (Really good for servers holding important information)

The other form of raid is called striping. It basicly writes the data sectors alternatly between the two hard drives. Thus when writing or reading a file it can do so twice as fast as the normal hard disks read/write limit. But with striping, if one hard drive fails, you lose all you data since every file is split with parts on each drive. (Basically it would treat (2) 40 gig ata100 hard drives like one 80 gig ata200 hard drive)

10-15-02, 09:49 AM
You can run your single HD off the Raid Controller but its the exact same thing as running it off a IDE channel. Most Raid Controllers i know off are not compatible with cd-roms.