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10-15-02, 09:13 AM
I have a Shuttle Ai61 MB with a 800MHZ T-Bird Slot A. I was just wondering if i could keep this and overclock or get a new one and save me the trouble.

128MB Sdram, GeForce3 Ti 200

10-15-02, 09:54 AM
Well i think your the only one to answer that kind of question. if you have the money to spend then by all means get new equiptment, if you dont then make the best of what you have. Just so you know, you are holding back the potential of that TI200. It is starting to get old but it still does the job with a decent cpu/memory combo.

10-15-02, 05:37 PM
Man, that's a difficult one. I have 2 friends, each with Athlon Classics. 750 and 800.

Friend 1: stuck with a DMA-66 hard drive, 128mb RAM and AGP 2x crippling a GF3 ti200. Yeah, he kicked his 3dmarks up, and a lot of games are smoother now (than his SIS vid. card), buuuttttt.....

it has a low performance ceiling. You can't go very far with a slot A system. Unless you plan to get the most enjoyment out of it possible before selling it so you can upgrade to newer stuff.

With that said... OC'ing your Athlon to 900, throwing 256 more mb's of RAM in it, and keeping windows really cleaned up will give you a quick system that will allow you to enjoy most of the eye candy of the 1.5-2.8 crowd (igota1.33)...

but that's about as far as you'll go. 1ghz Athlons don't OC well from what I've heard, SDRAM has lost ground in the memory dept., and AGP2x does in fact cripple some nice vidcards.

Oh, and friend 2? He thinks his rig is ultra fast, even with an ATI Xpert 2000. Probably cuz it has 768mb RAM and an ATA-100 card w/ a 7200rpm drive. He's not a gamer, but enjoys a round of Serious Sam every once in a while.

Possible scenario: take the GF3 out of your system, and shove 128mb RAM in it and the 32mb GF2GTS for sale in the NVnews forum. This would in effect create a GREAT DIRECTX 7 SYSTEM. Keep it or sell it, and get ahold of an ECS socket A mobo @ newegg.com for cheap. Be careful not to get the one w/out the AGP port, or you will be limited to DX7 PCI cards... poopy.
Anyhoo... If you want to enjoy DirectX 8 games, get a Socket A system that will accept Athlon XP processors. Most XP mobos support all the way up to 2.6 ghz... and actually they are not that slow with that processor and "old school" SDRAM.
Your money for the system you sold may afford you something like that ECS motherboard, 256mb DDR or SDR RAM, a Duron 1.3 (not a bad start) or an Athlon XP 1600 (a great start). Oh! AND an ATA-100 hard drive! Then with all of that you would definitely feel the power of your underrated DX8 card, especially when you OC!! ...and have room to grow

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:


10-15-02, 10:29 PM
Hay man I am friend one. But thanks for the advice anyway. Check out the AK35GT2 from Shuttle. Its pretty cheap and I think I could do more with it. It even has the via KT333 chip set.

10-16-02, 02:38 PM
Forgot your screen name, goofjb. I'll probably do this again someday...

Jeff = goofjb
Jeff = goofjb

...think I got it.

10-16-02, 05:39 PM
Ragejg, thats some damn good advice, how about giving me some:

I have an:
Athlon Classic 750 SLOT A
512 MB PC133 Memory
Asus K7V, ATA66 only
WD 80GB 7200 RPM ATA100
Maxtor 20GB 7200 RPM ATA100
ATI Radeon 8500 128 MB
SB Live Player 1024

DX7 games play just fine, I know I am holding back the Radeon 8500, I used to have a GeForce2 MX which I still have lying around somewhere, damn fine board, but slow. I am thinking that jumping to an Athlon XP 2000+ with 512 MB DDR would be nice along with a VIA KT333 based board. Or perhaps an SiS 648 based board and a P4-2.2+ GHz? Or should I wait until next summer, some new games like NFS6 Demo and Nolf 2 play decently on my system right now, well the demos anyway :)

10-17-02, 09:04 AM
You could either OC your system as much as possible (and spend money on cooling) to get to 1ghz PLUS optimize and clean it... this would give your system more acceptable perf. for the time being...

Summer '03 will be one of low framerates and AI settings for the 1.0 1.5ghz crowd, sadly enough...

Enjoy your current system, sell it before xmas, and add your tax money and get something with onboard lan, USB 2.0, DDR333, AGP8x and overclocking support... IMO, the RAM speed and AGP multiplier isn't that important as the benchmarks aren't that much higher for those factors in the socket A format. I think a kt266a/AGP4x mobo with an Xp2600 OC'ed and 512mb PC2400 is and will be something that one could call "lightening quick".

Nforce 1 + XP1600? good value and OC potential, but you'll have to be lucky to get the RAM to work right.

ECS brand SiS chipset mobo @ newegg.com for $53 + XP1600? Good value, ability to use your SDRAM, but bad overclocking potential unless you use the overclocker's BIOS.

Then you could be all set up in Jan/Feb and be in the proper format to get ready for summer. By spring you could ditch your CPU and vidcard (sell combo for around $120) again to step up and be slightly ahead of the game.

By summer, you could sell that stuff and purchase an XP2200 and a ti4600 for maybe less than $200.

THere are many ways to go, just keep in mind the performance ceiling vs. current (not dx9) game developments.

10-17-02, 08:23 PM
maybe it's just me, but aren't ECS boards a little on the crappy side?? And hell, I've seen kickass boards for $60-85 that are from Asus, MSI, and Abit. In order of what i wound get. And a GF3Ti200 doesn't hit the AGP2x ceiling, it really doesn't(unless ur o/c'ing it). I have one. Anything higher would probably suffer quite a bit, though. AGP8X is a marketing gimmick for the time being, don't waste time trying to get support or a card for the next year. I would upgrade to an 850 or so TB. (yes, that's what i did). Hell, i have a 750MHz slot A TB sorta sitting around. and a 500 classic. Anyway, the rest of his advice is good IMO, although I'm really not in favor of building rigs to use for 6months and sell.
OK, i done.

10-20-02, 12:48 PM
There are much better advice givers than myself; many I'm still learning from. I perform purchases on a 6-9 month cycle because I can't afford to drop down $350 at once. But I've been able to build a reasonably powerful system over the course of 1 1/2 yrs for a very low price. Incrementally stepping up from K62/300 to K62/500 to Duron 600 to Duron 950 to Athlon 1.33 over the course of time was in fact fun, and I learned a lot about each chipset... and each graphics card. Which has led to my zombie-like state of NVIDIOCY...

I thought I remembered a review of a reference GF3 back in Aug. 2001 comparing throughput in different AGP states, with reasonable performance increases being the AGP4x's characteristic. However I do believe like many of you that AGP8x isn't really that big of a difference... I personally can't wait for PCI Express.


10-20-02, 10:13 PM
Anyone looking to upgrade to a new computer for cheap should definitely be looking at the OEM AthlonXP 1600+'s for 52.99 over at Newegg. I would also recommend that Shuttle KT333 board over anything cheaper or possibly a refurbished board from Newegg, if you are a capable builder.

I would definitely look at namebrand RAM and nothing less than PC2700 to keep it from being too out of date. I'd also suggest anyone with an ATA66 hard drive upgrade that, too, since it is likely a seriously hindering performance.

But first, I'd suggest you upgrade your CPU/MB/RAM. Remember, with an OEM CPU, you have to buy a cooler, but that shouldn't cost you too much.

And yes, you'll see a noticeable improvement on that because everything will be faster, not just games. Particularly if you get a nicer hard drive, like one of the JB series by Western Digital with the 8meg cache.


Another thing is that you should try and get more than 256 megs of RAM because when/if you upgrade to Windows XP, it will like the extra memory. You might want to get a single stick of 512 megs of CAS 2 PC2700 RAM. Personally, I'd suggest looking at the Corsair XMS line even despite skimping on everything else, but your money dictates your decisions.