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05-16-04, 10:48 PM
For a friend and he's not a hardcore gamer so im keeping it simple... i thought i'd list its components and see what you all think.

AMD_ AthlonXP 2400+ cpu w/Tt volcano 10+
MSI_ KT4AV-L mobo(onboard audio & lan)
WD_ 80gig ata100 7200rpm 2mb
512mb pc2700
floppy drive(3 1/2")
52x cdrom
52x32x52x16 cdrw/dvd
56k pci modem
Mid tower(7bay) case w/80mm fans(2), 1 on side as intake, 1 on top as exhaust
400watt psu
17" flat tube screen monitor
3pc speaker system, includes sub woofer

Ps- Im limited to buying everything local so this is it. Im not sure what to throw in for an nVidia video card, im thinking 5700Ultra. The cpu is non mobile and psu comes with the case.

EDIT: This system will NOT be overclocked

05-17-04, 09:48 AM
So does anyone carry an NForce2 mb locally? They're dirt cheap now, especially w/ the upcoming nf2 400GB chipset coming out.

05-17-04, 10:08 AM
The place im getting the msi KT4AV-L sells the NF7-S as well... but my plan is to introduce him to the world of computers slowly since this will be his 1st real machine. If he thinks its too expensive to build one of his own, he'll think about buying one of those $400 e-machines :screwy:, im doing my best to make sure that doesn't happen. :D

Ps- I forgot to mention in the 1st post, his system will not be OC'd. Btw, his other machine is some 120mhz slow poke and as you can see, he's got some serious catching up to do.

05-17-04, 10:20 AM
Get the NF7-s, even if he's not o'cing that mb is loading w/ features. I've built several machines w/ that mb for customers over the last several months and have reported no probs whatsoever. Everything else should be fine. What does he plan on doing w/ his new rig? Its obvious he's not a big pc guy since he still had a P120 :p

05-17-04, 04:09 PM
Eh... theres no point buying a ferrari if you don't know how to drive one. :p

The Hip
05-18-04, 01:49 AM
I would go with a GF5900XT/SE over GF5700 ultra anyday and anytime - the price difference is almost non existant. And the 5900XT kicks the 5700U's butt.

Athlon XP 2500+ *Barton*
nFORCE 2 based Mobo
And GF FX5900XT / SE

05-18-04, 06:19 AM
Eh... theres no point buying a ferrari if you don't know how to drive one. :p

The regular NF7 is not expensive, and is worth the price! It's also stability and features that makes i far more attractive. The K7 VIA boards were never that reliable and were responsible for many of the relaibility questioning of AMD processors earlier on in the Athlons life.

K8 VIA boards seem great, but i would avoid any K7 one (the Kt600's seem ok but) at all costs!

05-18-04, 10:59 AM
Right now that NF7-S goes for about $105+ tax vs $59+ tax for the KT4AV-L, keep in mind these are local prices. If he feels like this system is going to cost double of that a manufactured machine, he might as well get more bang for his buck in his mind and buy one... we all know how we like to stay away from DELL/HP/COMPAQ/etc computers. So im just building him a "beginers" machine to ease him in, thats all im doing, once he catchs more of the bug like in the rest of us, the more better/faster he'll want in the future.

Ps- Those KT400 chipset mobos can't be that bad?