View Full Version : Weird rainbow colours quirk with GeForce FX...

Doctor Hades
05-17-04, 04:33 PM

My problem isn't a major one, in fact, it's barely a problem at all, more of an odd quirk.

I've noticed that on some games and on a few of my 3D screensavers, when the screen changes the graphics briefly go multicoloured, just for a split second, before they change. It's especially noticeable on the 3D screensavers from 3PlaneSoft when the camera angle changes and it happens on the loading screens for Deus Ex: Invisible War. As I said it's a split second thing but I've never noticed it happening before.

Is it a driver issue or is there a problem with my graphics card?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Doctor Hades
05-18-04, 01:55 AM
Hasn't anyone else noticed this with any of their software?

05-18-04, 02:00 AM
is this happening only with the beta drivers?

Doctor Hades
05-18-04, 11:28 AM
You might have a point there.

I am using beta drivers (v60.80) and the v60.72 betas, I used before also exhibited this quirk. It might be simply a case of waiting for WHQL approved drivers as I don't recall the official v56.72 drivers doing this but those drivers don't work properly with Far Cry but the v60.80 do and also work with everything else perfectly so I'll stick with v60.80 for now.