View Full Version : memory (resources) leak

05-18-04, 10:42 PM
is there a known issue with ti4200 and nforce2 on win98. 3dmark 2001 runs about 4 hours looping the 2nd test during which time resources goes right down to zero. result is crash and some error message like problem initializing

4403's and 3140's
256mb x 2 not in dual
played with vcache
very unhappy

i know that win98 runs this beautifully on older hardware so i guess that's why i have to keep trying. so in other words it's not 3dmark and it's not win98.

05-18-04, 10:45 PM
I wouldn't rule Win9x out entirely. Memory leaks and that OS family go hand-in-hand. I mean it sounds like you're correct in that it has something to do with the card's drivers. I'm not aware of any such issues but someone here will know I'm sure.