View Full Version : Idea for a Heatsink Design need help/feedback

05-19-04, 12:21 AM
Basicly my idea is to design a heatsink that instead of having air expelled back into the case have it piped out of the case this I think would greatly eleviate high temps. My question is can you safely/efficently raise the base by half an inch or so in order to clear obstructions?

05-19-04, 01:57 AM
In theory yes. There are ducts or something already available which sit on top or at the side of a HSF which take the hot air out etc. I forgot if it indeed does help or not?

06-14-04, 07:01 AM
This would be mainly to help with case temps I dont think it would help CPU temps that much. Thanks

06-14-04, 07:26 AM
erm it does plenty of reviewson such ducts removes the hot air from the case..which means that the hot air isn't pumped back into the HSF which will make it hotter and won't cool as effectively