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05-19-04, 05:07 PM
With the arrival of the nv40 soon approaching, (and Doom III!) I have decided to upgrade my current rig. Before saying anything else, let me post the specs so you can have a good laugh:

1.8ghz Willamette Processer
D845BG Motherboard
Geforce 2
300w Unknown ATX PSU

Ok, now I..hey, stop laughing! I mean it!



Ok. What I really want is something to plug in Geforce 6800 Ultra videocard (or higher, depends on release of Doom III) into my system without it laughing at me. I have roughly a 350 dollar budget but I can go a little higher, due to the 6800u being $499.

Here is what I'm interested in.



Cheap, decent, looks good enough.


People in the #nvnews channel seem to think AMD is better and cheaper than Intel. This is a little more expensive, but one of the cheaper nForce motherboards could even it out.

Motherboard :



I have no idea what the difference between those 3 are, but the prices seem to disagree with that.

http://www.msicomputer.com/product/detail_spec/product_detail.asp?model=865PE_Neo2-PFS_(Platinum_Edition)&search_text=MSI%20865PE%20NEo2%20PFS%20Platinum%20 edition

(roughly 90 dollars on newegg)

The MSI board is IF I decide to go with an Intel processor.


Expensive, but I hear it's pretty good. Too bad I have no idea what an AMD64 processor is.





Again I have no idea what the difference is, but I just need something to plug and and let it sit there.

Keep in mind, I'm not some techie or anything like that. Which basically means I'm not interested in overclocking etc.

As for my video card, if Doom III comes bundled in with the nv40 I am sold, but until Doom III is released I'm holding out on that. Now all you people, tell me what's good and what's not, and how you would do it. Think of this as that crappy show "Extreme Makeover :House edition" only it's "nvnewsnet edition." :screwy:

Oh and, I want to be able to plug in at least a little more than just 2 x 512, like my old mobo. Maybe something like 4 x 512, etc.

05-19-04, 05:17 PM
1st motherboars is NF7. Decent motherboard, has onboard audio, but not NV SoundStorm. That means it cant do realtime dolby digital encoding.

2nd motherboard is NF7-S. Which is same as 1st, but has proper SoundStorm audio.

3rd motherboard is NF7-M. Which is only rated to 333Mhz FSB, and it has an integrated GF4MX graphics card in the northbridge. You do not want this board.

If you want to use a Creative Sound blaster card, get the NF7. If you want to use SoundStorms dolby digital encoding, and output to a hardware decoder system, get the NF7-S. Avoid the NF7-M one.

05-19-04, 06:31 PM
Werent 845 boards RDRAM? If so you may need to memory as well. Definetely go AMD if your on a budget though. A celeron just does not cut it. Your Williamette processor is better than a celeron.

As for the PSU go for this one:
Good 12V Amps, and doesnt come with any useless 5&1/2 fan controllers.

05-19-04, 08:32 PM
I have DDR ram.

05-20-04, 04:16 PM
Maybe I posted this in the wrong forum? Yes, I'm still here and still need help.

05-21-04, 06:31 AM
What speed DDR do you have? PC2100 (266mhz), PC2700 (333mhz), PC3200 (400mhz)? It's an important question because if you wanna keep your memory, then your memory speed will determine how fast an AthlonXP we can recommend. AthlonXP's are best run at syncronous speed with the memory. And how much memory do you have? DoomIII is gonna be memory hungry much like many of the other new games out like FarCry and UT2k4. You may be better off selling your current memory on ebay, and then buying 1gig of PC3200 or faster.

Assuming your memory is at least PC2700 speed though and you wanna keep it to save money, I'd go for the NF7 regular (unlress you want Soundstorm). If you have PC2700 memory, then pair the board with an AthlonXP with 333mhz fsb, this is important. The AthlonXP-3000-400fsb would be actually run slower with PC2700 memory. It is important you find out what you got, unless you're willing to upgrade the memory too.

And that power supply won't cut it, get an Antec "True" 430w or higher PSU. I have the 550w and it's great.

And if you can stretch your budget, the Athlon64 would undoubtedly outperform everything mentioned. An A64-2800 retail boxed CPU would be about $187, and SIS755 motherboards start as low as $85, but I'd rather see you buy the Gigabyte Nforce3 250 board for $133. And many people have run Athlon64's with PC2700 memory so I think memory speed may be less of an issue for Athlon64. I know the boards support PC2100 and higher, bu as always PC3200 or higher is recommended.

Anyway, find out what memory you got, and get back to us.

05-21-04, 07:34 AM
Yea gator hit the nail on the head. Go for the a64/gigabyte setup if you want and upgrade right now. It'll be much more worth it in the long run than the axp one you're currently considering. Especially since a lot of enthusiasts, such as me, are upgrading from an axp platform to the a64 family :p

05-22-04, 04:45 PM
PC2100 ram..:(

Gigabyte nForce3 Motherboard at $135.00

Only thing that troubled me was this :
just received this board on Wednesday the 19th. I finally got windows to install properly on Thursday evening over 22 hours later. This board has problems, and lots of them. The onboard sata controllers do not allow you to install windows. Both have errors and refuse to install. In fact had to buy a pci sata controller in order to even get windows installed! But once that happened my problems weren’t over. The motherboard overclocks it self, in my case my 80mhz. I have pc2700 memory and instead of running at 166 it runs at 172 automatically! And the best part is that you can’t force it not to! In the bios there’s an option for the fsb frequency and even though it’s set at 200, when windows loads it jumps to 208. Now you should have caught the mistake by now. 172 is 6mhz higher then 166, but in order to get a fsb of 208 you need to get 8hmz. This is another problem with the overlocking feature of the board, it think its called easytune4. It doesn’t work!! It doesn’t overclock, it doesn’t underclock, it does however change the cpu voltages, but that’s the only thing that works.

On the good side, this board does lock the agp, and the pci. The board has some really nice features, and when they all work it will be a very good board, especially for the price.

Lastly on this board my 3200 runs at 50 idle and 60 load. On my other socket 754 board it runs at 30 idle at 35 load.

My advices is to wait or get a different board. I am planning on sending this back and getting a different board.

PS Do not install the nforce3 nw or sw (cant remember) ide drivers!!! If you do kiss your system byebye.

But I don't think the guy knew what he was talking about.



+ Antec 550w PSU

Total : $411.00

That makes me sad, because you say I have to upgrade the memory too, and a gig of ram isn't cheap you know. (And I'm already over my budget)

05-22-04, 05:18 PM
With your budget you are limited to a good NF2 board, which is not bad. A good board, such as one of those Nutty suggested, with a Barton XP processor, some good PC3200 ram (budget will restrict you to 2X256MB dual channel), and a quality psu such as an Antec 430W TP should get you in around your budget. Such a system is still capable of complimenting the new video cards.

05-22-04, 06:18 PM
Yeah, I think I'll get the NFS-7 with a barton 3000+, antec 550w PSU, and 1 stick of kingston PC3200 512 ram, as seen here: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=20-141-424&depa=1

I can buy a 2nd one later for dual channel, but I really don't see the need for upgrading to an axp64/nforce3 right now. I mean, with the Geforce 6800U plugged in, how bad can it be?

05-22-04, 08:03 PM
Sounds like a plan, good luck!

When you get your new system together and a 6800U 'plugged in' make sure you tell us how good it is. :)