View Full Version : FS - 2gigs of ddr500 adata ram (4x512 meg).

05-20-04, 07:00 PM
I have 2 gigs of adata ddr500 memory for sale, got a p4 3.2ee now and 230 is the max she will do. £250. pm me if interested.

05-24-04, 10:30 AM
im on a athlon 2800, 40gb 10,000rpm hardrive, a7n8xd mobo, radeon 9800pro 256, and i got 512 ram, do you no if that 2gb will work in mine, i also live in uk, if not there may be a swedish person i know who mite be interested

06-01-04, 05:00 PM
Hi Should run fine on your sys, it will do 5,3,3,2.5 upto 224fsb and 8,4,4,3 all the way upto 268 thats ddr536 with 2.8 vdimm. Let me know if interested, i can sell 1 gig £115 if you prefer.