View Full Version : Is this a real killer instinct game for pc?

05-21-04, 01:15 PM
I saw a guy selling killer instinct 1 &2 for pc on ebay, the only way I ever saw that was an emulator. So I don't know if I should past the link here to ebay auction or not so I will just paste the title of the auction and you can see if it's for real:

KILLER INSTINCT 1 & 2 For PC (RARE)1 Mortal Kombat

05-21-04, 02:18 PM
Welll I have the 1st 3 mortal Kombat games for Pc. :)

05-21-04, 02:40 PM
I have mk4 for the pc :)

05-21-04, 06:05 PM
I have Street Fighter 1 for my Atari 1040 STE.

05-21-04, 07:38 PM
Report it to the proper Ebay administrators or contact Nintendo's legal department and forward the link to them. Killer Instinct was never ported or released on the PC or any console except for those made by Nintendo. Therefore, this person is obviously selling an emulator and ROMs ... which is illegal as all hell! :D

05-21-04, 10:03 PM
Hell is illegal??!?!??! :D

05-22-04, 10:03 AM
Hell is illegal??!?!??! :D

hell no!