View Full Version : Sim City 4 fx5700 headaches

05-21-04, 06:37 PM

I am running a xfx nvidia fx5700 256 and recently got a copy of sim city 4. However, when i scroll about the world, buildings an objects disapear or become partially obscured.

EA have noted this problem, but state its a problem with radeon cards, and the fix they have there doesnt have any effect on my problem. You can see the EA fix here (http://simcity.ea.com/help/faq.php)

The game is fully updated, drivers are v6.14.0010.5664 and dxdiag info is here (http://www.freewebs.com/mozzie101/DxDiag.txt).

please someone help

05-22-04, 09:29 PM
Try download Forceware 61.11 driver here (http://www.vr-zone.com/downloads/61.11-winxp2k-international.exe) and then turn off FSAA. This should help. :)

05-23-04, 05:01 AM
Gave it a try,

No effect lol.

Any other ideas?

05-23-04, 06:49 AM
Hmmmm I will install Sim City 4 and tried all settings. I will report later if I can reproduce a problem you describe and find a workaround for it.

05-23-04, 07:10 AM
wow thanks, hope you can find something :)

05-23-04, 10:59 PM
Use Forceware 53.30 or older. The newer drivers mess up SC4. Someone on the Simtropolis forums was able to get a response from nVidia, and they said it would be fixed in the next driver release.