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05-22-04, 03:09 AM
anyone else tried this yet????

im quiet surprised my system is even working!!!!! :kill:


Please only install this in safe mode - dont ask me why as I dont know the answer.....


EDIT - follow this new link: http://wave.prohosting.com/rancorx2/DirectX-9.0c-Build-2142.rar

05-22-04, 03:59 AM
that bad huh?

05-22-04, 04:05 AM
well no - its fine for me but a LOT of people on Guru3D have had "issues" tring to install this.

its actually a bit pointless in most respects although it does seem to enable depth of field on FX series cards??? - does this seem right to you guys??

05-22-04, 04:13 AM
get true depth of field with the 3D stereo drivers and 3D glasses ;)

05-22-04, 10:24 AM
The latest link for the DX 9c rip at Guru3Dactually gives very good performance and visuals quality increase. I was skepticle. The 1st d/l IMHO did nothing but others were saying they saw the increase. Then I just tried the new link that just requires the regfix. In UT2004 architecture seems to have way more 3D depth now. Same with everything actually. Some sound bugs were fixed in Vietcong as well. If I hadn`t compared the 2 dx rips and just used the 1st release rip, I would have said that I didn`t see any improvements.

05-22-04, 10:50 AM
Yup - I used the second link without the hotfix - worked a treat - and your right about IQ being better - both NV & ATI users have said the same thing - max payne 2 looks awsome now!!!!!! and all FarCry issues seem to be gone - also sound is much crisper in Maxy and ambient sounds in FarCry.

sweet update - well worth it now

05-22-04, 10:53 AM
anyone interested should use this link:-


please remember to only install this in safe mode!!

have fun guys - the version umber fix is in the upzipped foder.

05-22-04, 01:06 PM
DirectX betas are the devil. I remember back in the day I almost had to reformat when one of them expired.

05-22-04, 01:22 PM
I just scored 7336 in 3dmark03! Thats a 3000 point boost with DirectX 9.0c! Here is the compare link! http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=2556262 .

Yes, I did score over 7k with my 9600XT but if you notice the Trolls Lair it's over 80fps. That's bug for sure since it crawled while watching it.

05-22-04, 10:21 PM
I still o/c my 5950 with no problems whatsoever. Go figure. 500 core, 1000 memory.

05-22-04, 11:50 PM
Well I finally broke 4500, a personal goal of mine. DX9.0c gave me an extra 100 3dmarks with the same clock speeds (530/400) to bring my score to 4529. If any Radeon 9700 non pro owners would like to compare the link is in my sig. :D

05-23-04, 10:47 AM
well ty that is really ace :D ut2k4 bf:v and farcry all were virtually unplayable but after installing 9.0c i can hold 30 fps on bf:v meduim settings, 40-50 ut2k4 on low settings, and 30-40 on farcry autodetect which is medium/high

definatly a performance increase.

im using the 61.11 drivers, is it worth getting 61.12?

there is also something about the quality of the colours and actual appearance that looks better but i cant put my finger on what it is.

05-23-04, 03:52 PM
HINT: Use the 60.85 WHQL drivers - they are bloody fab!!!!!!!

05-24-04, 02:35 AM
ok thanks i will try them out today.

05-30-04, 05:28 PM
id post this in the far cry forums but in the FC forums people wont be having the 9.0c already as well as the newer 60.85+ drivers. with the 1.1 far cry patch it says this in the readme "Added support fro PS3.0 shader profile" has anyone uncovered anything to show how this will affect the game? i mean maybe the option becomes availible when you have 9.0c as well as a 6x.xx nvidia driver?? or maybe you need 9.0c 6x.xx driver and a 6800 card to see any option??? this idea was bugging me. anyone look into this?

05-31-04, 07:49 AM
has anyone tried Nath5000's idea??

06-03-04, 06:16 PM
Okay, downloaded from the second link. I restarted in safe mode, after extracting the files into their own folder. Only way I could get anything to install was by the Install.bat file. Is that correct? How do I know if it installed correctly? A ton of files ran thru a Dos window. Specific instructions would be helpful. Thanks.

06-04-04, 03:35 AM
you done good my friend.....

click start/run then type dxdiag - make sure the version number is right - if not use the version fix in the downloaded folder. also make sure on the dx files page that it says "no problems" if any files show as old or missing it will tell you here.

have fun. - p.s use the 60.85 drivers - no fog bugs in farcry.

06-04-04, 06:50 AM
just in case you missed it on the first post!!

follow this link for the new build 2142 DX9.0c!!!!!!

have fun - http://wave.prohosting.com/rancorx2/DirectX-9.0c-Build-2142.rar

06-04-04, 02:52 PM
Giving that one a try now. I am using the 60.85 drivers, see sig. I don't have FarCry anyways, not yet that is!

06-04-04, 03:04 PM
Got it installed. Is it any different than the one that had just the fix.reg file with it? This one is easier to install, since all you have to do is run the installall.bat file. Time to play a few games...

06-04-04, 03:22 PM
well - there are more files in this build than the last - most of which are audio files its seems.

performance wise I came out about the same as before, sound quality is going from stength to strength with this new build though............

06-16-04, 08:40 AM
Im not sure, cause my card is now more Oc than before ;) , but with this version together with 61.40s, far cry runs better and I think it looks better too :)

06-16-04, 05:02 PM
new version:

click her to DL: http://wave.prohosting.com/rancorx2/Direct_9.0c_Build_2149.rar

06-16-04, 07:56 PM
new version:

click her to DL: http://wave.prohosting.com/rancorx2/Direct_9.0c_Build_2149.rar
I think that's the same version in SP2 RC2.