View Full Version : problems with post 53.03

05-23-04, 12:53 AM
I seem to be getting strange problems with drivers after the 53.03. When 3D is active on my desktop, any alpha blending functions that happen slow my system to a crawl. For example, I cannot have any transparent windows open when 3D is attempting to render, or ever when the yellow-tips pop-up when you hover your mouse over something will slow the redner and my system until the tip or window becomes solid. This doesnt happen on 53.06 however. Its pissing me offf cause I can never use the new drivers. Is anyone else having this problem?

A quick way to tell is to, say, forexample run MilkDrop, the winamp visual and hover your mouse over the X on another window. Until that tool-tip becomes full and solid, the 3d and the system slows to a crawl. suggestions? And How can I tell nvidia about this. :lame:

05-23-04, 01:08 AM
I think it has to do with nview. i've noticed similar situations on my machine where it slows down or programs crash with nView enabled. Its getting a little better in 6x.xx series but there are still some bugs. Just prey they get fixed by the next release...