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05-23-04, 10:30 AM

hi all. i have a GF4 MX440 128MB. ive spent some time looking through the forum for this but im still not convinced ive got my facts straight.

firstly, what version of directx should i be using for this card? i believe it only supports dx7 so am i hurting my performance by using 9b? ive tried both and im not really sure which runs better so generally speaking which one would you recommend?

secondly, i have everyone's favourite question, which drivers should i use. im told that the 44.03's are the best for this card, but generally speaking, which version would you recommend? I play counter-strike, bf:1942, COD, C&CGenerals + ZH, stuff like that. any other tweaks that might help me get a few frames would be hugely appreciated.

My PC:

That info should all be correct, except that I bought a sound card, an additional network card and a case fan. Sorry for the nubness of my questions but I would really appreciate some advice.

05-23-04, 11:23 AM
Yes, use the latest version of DX. And as far as NV drivers go you can use the newest ones from www.nvidia.com/drivers. As far as I know there is really no problem using the newest drivers. I run the newest drivers with my GF2MX, GF3 and FX5700U and have no problems with any of them.

05-23-04, 05:50 PM
Using the newest DX version wont hurt performance ... (actually it might even increase it a bit) whatever the graphics card you'r using .

As for drivers .. i agree with what you said .. the 44.03 are the best for the GF4 series .
but generally its always good to use the lastest drivers , which are 56.72 so far.

05-23-04, 07:37 PM
Yes, i agree with the last 2 posters, use the latest *official* releases of drivers and DX... Most of the time, the newer the more bug fixes.. If you were to have a problem with a specific driver set, you could try going back to the one before it, or hte last stable set. :D

05-23-04, 07:39 PM
If you want to play the latest games (at least as well as you could with a GF4MX that is) you must install the latest DX version regardless. I'd go with the latest drivers always, even if you're using an older card.

05-23-04, 10:20 PM
ok thanks a lot for the feedback everyone.

05-24-04, 04:22 AM
The first,directx is only a API developed by microsoft,it isn't a driver.So if you use dx7 you won't lose any good performance.
The second,not the newest driver is the best.The newest maybe have any compatibility problems.
The last one ,counter-strike is dx7.