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05-24-04, 11:06 AM
With summer at the door step, heat and humidity on the rise, I started wondering about advancements in the PC cooling arena. I used to be an avid overclocker, custom heat sinks, thermal paste and all, but I never made the leap into the water cooling mostly becuse back in those days it was too expensive.

These days I don't overclock. My system has no case to speak of, it's a metal frame from an old PII system that I contunue to mold and drill to accomodate new mobos. My system is sitting inside my work desk, with front cabinet door removed, very little airflow. System has no fans, besides the stock CPU, GPU and PSU fans.

First, I'm looking for a new case, number one feature is noise levels, second heat management.

I would appreciate any first hand experience, success stories with Peltiers, Water cooling blocks, air-cooled, etc. What is more practical, and requires the least maintenance. Money isnt really an issue.

05-26-04, 01:21 PM
hello... *tumbleweed rolls by*

Does anyone have any experience with Zalman 7000Cu or Koolance Exos External Liquid Cooling System?

05-28-04, 01:22 AM
All air cooling needs the least maintenance, water cooling tends to need a good amount of maintenance. I myself am using an Koolance Exos AI External Liquid Cooling System w/ a CPU300 water block it provides good temps and needs the system water changed every so often.

05-28-04, 01:26 AM
air cooling is the suck when u want quietness and decreased temps on your system/cpu generally. H owever Zalman has a few products that if compatible with y our mobo can cool your cpu efficently w/o causing a ruckuss. I have a damned delta 800mm on my slk 900a...cools it ok not great but damnit it's loud. I will look to get a new case...maybe watercooling later. Now watercooling is the way to go if u are brave enuff.

05-28-04, 10:17 AM
New case and Zalman 7000Cu looks like a good combo.