View Full Version : Nforce2 Ultra and Memory Module Samsung DDR400

05-25-04, 08:45 AM
Module Samsung K4H50838F-TCCC ( 512DDR 400 )

Hello all, someone have this modules ?

I Wanna know if someone had problems with it @400mhz or more.

on 1/1 with cpu i can't set it @400 stable 8-3-3-3 ( default), only work at 333 8-3-3-3 or 7-3-3-2.5

My system:

Abit NF7-S 2.0
Barton 2500+
power TTGI 350w

05-25-04, 11:21 PM
I have tried two different sticks of the Samsung 512MB DDR 400 on my NF7-S 2.0 and Barton 2500+ with the same problems. (Using Enermax 430W PSU) It will run at 333MHz (or currently, underclocked to run along with a stick of Crucial 512MB PC2100 @320MHz)

I have tried many times with different voltages, timings, ratios, etc. to no avail.. I can not get the Samsung ram to run at 400MHz with a 1/1 ratio with CPU.

All I get is black screen on my monitor, and occasionally, long beeps from the PC speaker. (no ram detected error perhaps?)

If anyone has any suggestions or remedies, I would be interested in them as well.

05-26-04, 12:37 AM
i using the NF7-S v2 mobo with Geil Value DDR400 modules 2 X 512MB set at 400 MHz fsb and with timings of 2.5 for CL the rest at 3-3-6. Works fine :D