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05-26-04, 06:57 PM
The august issue (latest one), the teaser in the back reads:

"We're dying here. On the one hand, we want to tell you all about the earth-shattering exclusive we've got lined up for next issue. On the other hand, it's such a massive secret, it makes the Manhattan Project look like a gardening club. So we must remain mum for now, but trust us: our August cover will unveil a story well worth the wait."

Here is some interesting comments posted by George Broussard (president) in the 3Drealms forums on 3/13/04 (Source)

How great will the AI, both single-player and bots be when DNF is finally released?

Everyone overhypes AI, ya know? All we want to do is provide bad guys that are interesting to fight, and that's don't do dumb things (run into walls, or other glaring errors). In this day and age, flocking, squad behavior and the rest, are all pretty common place.

One area often neglected in games is the sound technology. Will DNF's sound allow a host of decent sound effects (unlike say UT2003's horrible use of stereo)

We support full 5.1 surround sound. Getting THX or Dolby certified is something we want to do.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much modding ease will we see? 1 being GTA3 (having to replace game files to get the mods to work, mods many times crashing games) 10 being Half-Life (in-menu mod selection, wide variety of stuff you can do, mods encouraged and retailed by Valve, Sven Co-op).

It's the Unreal engine, so overall I suppose expect similar experiences with modding any other Unreal game.

Wil Physics in DNF be an Important Factor in creating an Interactive World?

Yes. Physics and interactivity are very important to us. But every game is doing physics today, so I suspect their wow factor will have diminished by the time we ship.

Does this mean the game recognizes wood from metal and will play different impact sounds depending what the bullets hit?

Yes, of course. Don't most games do this, these days?

I remember at some points in 2001, you said "IF DNF ships...". Is there still a chance you won't release the game or are you confident you will definately ship it one day?

I think those "if" comments were jokes I've never once doubted we would ship. Only a matter of time.

Does the water still do "stuff"?

Yes, it does quite a lot of stuff. But most games today have great looking water, so ...

Will there be an option in the Graphics Menu were you can select Not only very High Details but also INSANE Details?

The game will default to max details. That's why our recommended specs are so high. Really, with what we're doing, there is max detail, and as you drop things out you lose a lot of visual quality, so I kind of see it as all or nothing.

We want the game, or at least some proper info on it, but we're not getting anything and it doesn't look like it'll be different any time soon.

That's all coming, but we're going to be fairly disciplined in how we do it, so we don't overhype too early again.

if george can comment, are the remedy folks helping you out with developing dnf or are they doing other things?

Remedy is busy with their own stuff at the moment. But we talk all the time, and stay in touch, and I even send Petri sneak peeks of the game from time to time. A few guys there will probably be beta testing and providing feedback when the time comes.

Myself and many others infer your confidence level not from your tone, but from the lack of real information about the game. If you're so far along in production, why aren't you willing to show anything for it?

Asked and answered - many times. We're not really going to show the game until we're closer to release. We could easily show now, and do shots and movies and probably get people excited. To what end? So you can continue to wait and be frustrated? No, imo, it's better to wait.

Don't assume our lack of showing anything is because we have nothing to show. We're just waiting until the right time. That's our call.

It makes me wonder why you even bothered at all, except to keep up the facade.

Maybe it was late at night and I felt like throwing the forum guys a bone. What other reason could there be? Facade? Who cares? We fund DNF *entirely* ourselves. It will ship or not and be good or not. All independent of any outside forces. What do we gain from people caring if it's in production? We really don't care. All that matters is that we keep our heads down, work, and release the best game we can. Everything else is just static.

I don't want to see this game fail, I really don't. I think it would be great if DNF turns out to be the best FPS ever made. I just think it's too late for that. Long development times have a habit of crippling games.

Doom 3 will be at or over 4 years when released.

Half Life 2 will probably be near 6 years when it's released.

I bet they are both incredible games.

Not all long in development games are made by very strong indepedents that have the time and money to do it right and do whatever it takes.

General statement to one forum patron in particular:

You really speak with authority on topics that you probably shouldn't. Game code? Extremely little even comes with Unreal (singleplayer wise), and considering we've been adding to the game code consistently for 5 years, it bears little to no resemblance to what you get when you license the engine.

While it's true that we are based on Unreal, it's basically down to networking, script (game) code (of which we account for 90% of it), and the editor. Virtually every single other system is our own. Rendering, AI, use of physics (each licensee pretty much manipulates the base Karma physics engine how they see fit), particles, and several other sytems we added along the way.


05-26-04, 08:32 PM
Nah, he said it's not DNF.

Not us guys. Sorry.

Just letting you know as I'm getting emails about it.


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bet ya its D3,or Q4

05-27-04, 04:04 AM
bet ya its D3,or Q4

they dont use the unreal engine

It's the Unreal engine, so overall I suppose expect similar experiences with modding any other Unreal game.