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05-28-04, 10:36 AM
Do you know if this will work on our bfg 5900xt cards?
or maybe someone you know, would know?

05-28-04, 11:24 AM
I spoke with a BFG rep last week regarding cooling solutions for their video cards. They stated that although they themselves sell their own line of aftermarket cooling solutions, removing your BFG Tech video card's stock HSF will void the lifetime warranty. A catch 22 of sorts...

This full warranty is not to my knowledge offered by any other vidcard company.

That's why in my review, I did not overclock the card, and I did not remove the cooling solution...

I do believe however that a VGA Silencer would fit on that specific XT card, and may do a pretty good job...

IF you wanna void that lifetime waranty. :p

05-28-04, 01:57 PM
Thanks ragejg,
the warranty really isnt a big deal to me.
I'd wouldnt use it anyway if it were my fault, which it would be.
I just like it because of the radeon 8500 incident and what ati did to me.
I just want to be assured that the 1st one I buy isnt a lemmon.
and if it is I dont want to be hasseled about getting what I paid for.
After that I except full responsibility for cooking with circuitry. lol

I'm not the type who fries hardware then pisses and moans it was the companys fault and slyly send the card back claiming it was faulty.
I reach in my pocket pull out the old credit card (curse myself) lol, and buy another one.
Not that I have burned up anything since 1995, knock on wood.
Thanks again for your detailed reply :-) always nice to get more then ya ask for!