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05-29-04, 09:17 PM
Sorry guys -- This same post was posted in the workstation card forum, however since it's an NVIDIA card, I figured I might as well throw it in here too -- it's causing me a lot of grief!

Just recently I've been getting green dots that are consistent only on my
secondary monitor. Ii recently got new monitors, and the problem persists,
which helped me narrow it down to the nvidia drivers, however.

Here's my setup:

Nvidia Quadro 4 XGL 900
asus mobo (P4T5333 with onboard RAID disabled), 1.8gz, 1gb rdram
Windows xp, fully patched

the card is running 1280x1024 with nvidia dualview on two 191t+ samsung

The problem appeared when I recently did a reinstall of windows, and i
downloaded and installed the newest nvidia display drivers.

screenshot: http://media.quilime.com/files/bin/ss.jpg

As you can see, when i drag windows around, purple and green dots persist on the interface. They only appear when the monitor is the secondary monitor, not the primary monitor. I've tried this with a number of CRT's and LCD's, so it's not the monitor's issue. I've switched them back and forth, and no change.

I've tried installing the nvidia drivers from v41.09 all the way up to
the current (v56.72 at the time of this post). I'm also running ultramon,
my dual-head software. there is no other display software running at this
time, and my install is relatively clean. (a few days ago). I also just flashed my BIOS and updated it.

I took out my card, dusted, and cleaned my case out well, and made sure
the card was seated. There is another multimedia card installed -- an PCI ATI TV-Card, a few slots below the AGP port.

When I uninstall the nvidia drivers completely, green dots are no more. Also, it ONLY happens in dualview mode! Not clone, nor horizontal span, nor any other mode. Just dualview.

Anyone else have/had this issue?

Any info, suggestions are appreciated.

- Gabe

05-31-04, 01:50 PM
Looks like bad RAMs on the card. If you have a warranty, you may want to use it.