View Full Version : 6800nu/5900xt/9800p ??

05-29-04, 11:36 PM
Okay, After waiting for so long, the 6800s are starting to ship. I am currently running a 5700NU, and after my 5900, it's just not fast enough :drooling: ... So anyway, 9800 Pros and 5900XT and ~200, which is pretty cheap. I'm lookin to replace my card, and have it until fall/winter this year when prices for the 6800 U get lower. The 6800NU is coming out, anyone know when? and for how much? (299 right?). If it is 299, should i wait however long, and use an extra $100 to purchase the card? Or should i use the $100 and purchase something else, or put it towards my 6800U... How would 299 for a 6800NU compare to 200 for a 9800 pro, price/performance ratio wise?

05-29-04, 11:42 PM
Wait on the 6800's.

There performance is going to top
anything out now in the price group by a lot.

By mid June we should see 6800's everywhere. :D

05-30-04, 12:05 AM
i can't say for sure, but i'm skeptical to say the least that the prices will drop too much on the 6800's (any version)... i feel since they are such an improved card, they will tend to retain their value a lot better than previous cards.

the same thing goes for the x800, but it's commonplace for ati cards to stay at the same price for a long time then drop rapidly.

05-30-04, 12:46 AM
Okay, but anyone know how much the 6800NU is gonna go for? Or when it's gonna be available??

05-30-04, 03:47 AM
Around $299 RRP, so about $250 or so. The preorders for the 6800 128MB are £220, £290 for the GT and £400 for the Ultra

05-30-04, 04:40 AM
6800 for $300 or 9800 Pro for $200, either of these 2 will be ok, more than worth their money.

06-02-04, 12:51 PM
whaty about 9800 performance of opengl? like doom 3. wont the 5900 be faster at that?