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05-30-04, 09:44 PM
i was just wondering what people's horror stories with hardware are... i've got a few myself, and personally will never pay a cent to ATi, or ASUS again in my life. are there any companies that you all will not pay money to?

reading the rest of this post is purely optional. my question is if anyone else has had hardware providers do them wrong such as this.

-- begin asus rant --
here's a short version of why i wont ever buy an asus product (you may feel differently, this is just my personal revenge against the company)... opposing the advice from many of my friends, i got an asus a7n8x-e delux from newegg. the reason my friends advised against it is because i have a group of around 4 friends (all intel) who have gotten asus motherboards, and each one of them have had to RMA their board atleast once. well, i finally got it, i built my system.. it didn't post. it would light up etc, but it wouldn't post at all. i got very upset, and tried contacting asus's support (a long distance call). i got a person asking for my name and phone number, saying all of the representatives are busy currently, and they will contact me. after waiting about a week, i repeated the process 3 times (to this day i have not received a return call from asus). i talked to a friend who had rma'd his board twice, he said that when i do get a hold of them they will tell me to fill out a web form, so i figured i would cut the chase and fill out the web form. when i did, to my surprise, i got an e-mail. i could tell it was very generic and pre-made.. basically all it told me is that the only possible thing that could be wrong is my processor is bad. well, in panic about my processor, the end of my 30 day warranty from newegg was coming closer. i decided to just return the board for another, because the processor had a 3 year warranty. i got my next board from asus, and this one wouldn't even power up the fans, much less post. i was thinking surely it was something i was doing wrong; so i did a dry boot and tried some other various trouble shooting tips. i even went as far as to take my processor to school to test it. well, unfortunately, it didn't fit in the computer i was going to test in (my retarded cisco instructor thought that tbird and xp had the same slot or something *shruggs*). i mailed asus exclaiming the problem, stating that i had rma'd and gotten a new one. they sent me the exact same generic FAQ type letter saying my processor was bad. by this time it was nearing february (i'd bought it in december, and still not a working system), so i decided to try and see if newegg would offer a return refund. i called, and they did... so i bought a DFI LanParty nForce2 Ultra B. it was only about $20-30 more or something, and with all of the extras i was excited about my decision (i use the frontx and pc transpo obsessively).

i finally got it in, around february 5th, and with the dfi lan party it booted instantly. my processor was fine, and even better overclocked from xp2500 to 3200 with no voltage modifications, indicating to me that my processor was even a bit above average. had that been the only bad experiance with asus (friends included), or had the support not been so distant and unhelpful, i would probably not feel so poorly about asus. i even considered taking them to small claims court. needless to say, i didn't; i just accepted that my system was ended up in working order 2 months later. by that time, my video card had dropped dramatically in price, along with many of the other products. IMO asus owes me a lot more than just a working motherboard, and because of this i will never spend a cent on them.
-- end asus rant --

-- begin ati rant --
ati is simple, they have horrible drivers and horrible support. the software that comes with the tuner card for my aiw is so rediculously horrible that i wished i had gotten an oem model. the worst thing about ati is that they make no effort to support linux, and that's very important to me. i guess it's my fault about not researching linux compatability at the time, but judging solely on the performance of the card/drivers/software in windows, that was by far enough to put a bad enough taste in my mouth for ATi to not buy any of their products in a long time.
-- end ati rant --

05-30-04, 10:31 PM
I swore to never buy a bag of WOW potato chips again because they gave me the runs.

Oh yes. In Regards to hardware. I wont buy Creative Labs products ;p

05-31-04, 02:13 AM
I used to do that... but its dumb. Companies change, products change. Creative Labs drivers are actually good now, couldn't say that 1 year ago.

05-31-04, 03:42 AM
Yeah i agree it is stupid, the only company i don't like is ELSA crap tech support and drivers, (on their reverlator 3D Glasses) i.e no software to this day i never got them working!!

However i sware by Asus, i have NEVER once had a problem with their boads or video cards.

05-31-04, 07:00 AM
Creative :screwy:

Never again will I buy another product from that company.

05-31-04, 08:35 AM
I used to do that... but its dumb. Companies change, products change. Creative Labs drivers are actually good now, couldn't say that 1 year ago.

What he said. After owning recent ATI cards, I've been enlightened to the fact that there are a lot of companies out there who make some really kick *** hardware. I'm not opposed to trying a variety of brands. Now if they give me trouble, sure I probably won't buy from them any more. But that doesn't mean another company won't pick up where said company left me. ;)

05-31-04, 10:29 AM
You may be pleased to know that in a recent interview with ATI's software guys by a hardware magazine I read, they said that they're investing heavily in developing and testing for Linux drivers now.. Apparently we'll be seeing results within the next '4-6 months'.

Oh, and McDonalds.

05-31-04, 12:04 PM
You may be pleased to know that in a recent interview with ATI's software guys by a hardware magazine I read, they said that they're investing heavily in developing and testing for Linux drivers now.. Apparently we'll be seeing results within the next '4-6 months'.

Oh, and McDonalds.

sounds like great news.

ah, i will get over it i'm sure, i'm just basically expressing my displeasure with these companies. i understand things may change later, and they will. the point is just to get people to share stories of how they've been screwed by different companies -- i guess just for fun. maybe see which company most people have had trouble with.

05-31-04, 08:10 PM
Creative. Did you know that there drivers do not support OEM cards from stores like newegg? I didn't until my Sound Blaster Live 5.1 came without windows XP drivers and I could not install the drivers from Creative's website. Right now im using 3rd party drivers which still provide much better quality and FPS than my integrated sound.

05-31-04, 09:05 PM
:( Companies I wont buy from: Creative Labs, VIA Technologies, Intel, ATI :(

Creative Labs because the SBLive was murder to get working properly with WinXP at first, so I went to SantaCruz and it was a world of difference. Since then I've realized how awesome the competition can be, and how much more affordable too.

VIA has screwed me too many times, they're PIII chipsets used to give me a real migrane to troubleshoot and make stable, and since then I won't give them another chance no matter how much people recommend them for Athlon64 and the like.

Intel I think overcharges compared to AMD. AMD gives you more for the money, and they have the far superior Athlon64. Additionally I once owned a P4 with Intel brand motherboard and it was total crap. I sold it within weeks, went to AMD, and never looked back.

ATI but it's not a hateful thing. I'm actually a big Rage3d fan, Gamecube ethusiast, and I've built MANY computers with ATI cards. I also regularly recommend the R9800 and R9600 knowing full well their capabilities and quality. What I don't like about ATI is I've had bad luck continuely with them. It's quite possibly my own fault, but call me crazy I just don't think using a video card should be so difficult. I owned a R8500 and sold it due to image tearing and some games not working. I owned two R9800Pro's and returned both because of image tearing and game crashing. I've also owned both ATI and Hauppauge TV cards, and the Hauppauge brand is 100 times easier to install the drivers for. So case point, I've given up on ATI for myself personally, but I still recommend them to others.

:) Companies I like the products from: Gigabyte, Nvidia, SIS, Asus :)

05-31-04, 09:08 PM
I swore never to buy from Tseng Labs ever again. ;)

06-01-04, 12:55 PM
Funny you should say that about Image tearing i got that alot with my Ti4400 did my head right in (Pretty much every OpenGL game and the odd D3D one) but havn't noticed it with my R9800 :)

06-01-04, 01:19 PM
I have a AsusTek horror story too, but ends up good!

I bought an asus board, and within weeks it went out! I was pissed, jumped through their hoops and about 2 months later got an RMA. By this time i already built an Athlon MP system, but i was happy that I was gonna have 2 computers now : )

Here is the kicker, when i opend the box up, it had a note saying "We found nothing wrong with the board, and the returned my non working board back to me"

I was pissed, but though (maybe im just dumb) so i installed the mobo again, and same exact results, no post.

Then i turn to the OTHER box that came deliverd to my house from ASUS, i wonderd what could be in it, it was the same size as a mobo. And when I open it, to my delight it is a diffrent mainboard, a more expensive mainboard to boot. So i plug my processor in it, and it boots up fine.

The next day the asus rep calls asking if i would return the board to them, and i agreed after they sent me back a WORKING mobo that i orginaly bought. They kept claiming that there was nothing wrong with my board.......

On a more funny note, after like 6 months i sold my board/cpu to a friend, and then it died on him shortly after, but the cpu was fine heh.

So i agree, Asus boards are crap, and ill never buy one again.

06-01-04, 02:07 PM
Asus, Intel, Creative, AIB, and Mcdonalds :bash:
Asus: Bad support
Intel: They suck
Creative: Don't go there
AIB: Theft
Mcdonalds: :bash: