View Full Version : I dont have the opportunity, I AM GETTING ONE TOMMOROW !!!

06-02-04, 10:44 PM
The last card card in stock is coming from sydney to melbourne for me tommorow for $1040 AU oooh i cant wait :) wOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOt


06-02-04, 10:47 PM

06-03-04, 01:04 AM
Where did you get that from? I haven't been able to find them here in Aus yet. :(

06-03-04, 01:34 AM
I cant tell you, until the card is safely in my hands :P

Nah jk

Computerworld, i think they are in sydney as well as melbourne

(03) 9774 5410

06-03-04, 01:37 AM
Good for you, let we know when you got it, and do some bench after that ;)

06-03-04, 01:57 AM
Yep no probs, ill do some benchmarks for sure. Although ive only got a 2.2ghz P4 and 1 gig of 333mhz ram so i dont think ill be breaking any records on 3dmark :jumping:

06-03-04, 02:07 AM
Not an issue, that's even better ;)

06-03-04, 02:25 AM
I dont mean to be a party pooper or anything but, imagine if everyone in the forum made one of these... jAkUp had a reason for his post; to hear what people had to say about his situation... This post... ??? :screwy:

Anyway, enjoy.

06-03-04, 02:31 AM
Hey, I'm excited for him as well!

06-03-04, 02:54 AM
When i get mine in six months after it's been superseded i'm going to make a post. ;-)

Anyway, being from Melbourne i'm pretty excited for Sgt_Pitt.

06-03-04, 03:08 AM
well the card im using atm is a MSI Ti4400 and its time for an upgrade, the ol' Ti4440 has served me well over the years (long live Ti4400) although it is getting a little long in the tooth now, i got it when they came out and i was just as excited then as i am now, maybe a little more now :lol2:

Im just happy and trying to kill some time, the suspense is killing me.

It was a really tough decision to make, after reading just about every review available in Google twice over, and the choice between the x800 pro or the 6800 wasnt made lightly.

I actually went down to the store after my patience had run out from all the calls made about getting a 6800, and all the messing around and waiting as the storekeeper tried to find a distributor with the card, anyway frustrated, i went down to buy a MX800 pro and to my astonishment they had sold out too. On a last ditch effort the storekeep rang up and found someone with 1 left in stock, and thats the story... we'll find out tommorow... i hope