View Full Version : Display GPU Temp in Taskbar

06-03-04, 01:48 AM
Try out this program --> SpeedFan 4.12 (http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php) It has an option to display your nVidia GPU temp on your taskbar.

After installing Speedfan, run it, and click the 'Configure' button on the Readings tab. Then on the Temperature tab select 'Remote Temp' (NVidia SMBus) then check 'Show in Tray'.

Pretty neat feature I thought, as older versions of speedfan didn't have this option.

Hopy you enjoy! :D

06-03-04, 06:56 AM
yes I noticed that, but wasn't any good to me as I use other programs to monitor mobo volts, fans and temps that I am currently happy with !

Also, the option to monitor GFX GPU temps via the taskbar actually exists in Nvidia drivers, but as we all know doesn't work yet ! However I am ever the optomist that this position will change ?