View Full Version : eVGA and the Chocolate Factory

06-05-04, 12:49 AM
I love this whole Willy Wonka thing evga has going on. You have everyone looking for the 5 golden tickets so you can take a tour of the factory and at the end you have the option to buy a video card.

Remember how Charlie felt when he opened the bar of chocolate and there was no ticket? Thats how I felt when I checked my email and saw no "golden ticket."

Someone needs to get those Lazy ass Oompa Loompas to make video cards faster....I'm starting to get an attitude like Veruca Salt. I WANT IT NOW!@!!@# Dammit!


06-05-04, 12:51 AM
Veruca was a real pain in the a** wasn't she? :)

06-05-04, 01:40 AM
god the lead singer fro varuka salt was the hottest thing...... need to gargle now.