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06-05-04, 02:27 PM
Hey, I've got an AMD 2500+ Barton, SOLTEK 75FRN2-L NFORCE2 Mobo, Geforce FX 5200, 512 pc 3200 400 fsb ram, and 1 extra fan in my case... First, do I need better cooling to OC at all? running pretty cool atm. My chip settings in my CMOS reset the other day (had this comp since november), so I set it to optimal, but did nothing myself. I know the basics of overclocking, but just need reassurance I guess. Any help would be greatly appreciated, gonna go home and install the new NForce drivers tonight, see how that goes.


06-05-04, 03:30 PM
Of course the following are suggestions and try at your own risk. Having said that I have had the very same setup as you have and it performed very well at 11x200 and even higher using different ram combinations. You can try a wide range of different settings depending on whether you cpu is locked or unlocked and of course the capability of your ram. Always keep a close eye on temps (both cpu and case) as your cooling at some point will become insufficient and the excessive heat could damage your components. The following is a suggested start to overclocking your system. There has been a lot written about this particular setup and a little research will give you some enlightment on what this system is capable of.

The 2500+ has a multiplier of '11' which is good as is. Try getting the FSB up to 200MHz if you have not already by increasing the ram settings. With those settings you are running 2.2GHz and your particular setup should be plenty fast. If you want to try for more you can up your FSB in small 2-4MHz increments and test each time for stability. Once you notice any stability problems or increase in temps back off to the last stable setting or lower to ensure good all-around performance. You can up your voltage (Vdimm) to help stability but sometimes at the cost of increased temps. If you are running 2.5V Vdimm you probably can up voltage and add to stability. However, ram acts differently but I found that most perform well at 2.6V or 2.7V and even higher in some cases. Some ram mfg's have a specific recommendation for voltage setting for best performance (check the mfg's site).
If your 2500+ is unlocked you can try lower multipliers with higher FSB settings.

Always take your time and don't rush, thoroughly testing at each new setting to ensure good performance and a safe setting that will not present potential damage your components.

06-05-04, 03:34 PM
what should I do for testing? never used a benchmark in my life, heh.

thanks for the reply, that will be helpful tonight.

thanks again,

06-05-04, 06:00 PM
First and foremost I want my system to be stable. Just to name a few programs that I use: For testing system stablility Sisoft Sandra 'burn-in', 3DMk2001se and 3DMk2003. Checking ram for errors: Prime95 v23.4. htach261 for harddrive performance. Folding@Home for initial temperature testing cpu at 100% to ensure I have adequate cooling before beginning more strenuous tests. Aquamark3 and FutureMark programs for initial tests of video card stability settings.

There are a number of other programs that will work equally well, if not better. Even games can be used, especially if you have a particular game that you are very familiar with (for me it is Morrowind from which I can readily tell if a system is operating stabily). It all depends on what you are looking for.

Heat is the main culprit causing instability, especially when overclocking, so any program that stresses the cpu, ram, and video card will usually give you an indication of how stable your system setup is. 3DMk2001se still does this and is a good initial check not just for the video card but also does rather well for system testing. The same can be said of 3DMk2003 and of course the mentioned Sisoft Sandra burn-in program all of which can be downloaded free. Just pay close attention to temperatures with whatever program(s) you decide to use.

06-05-04, 06:28 PM
thanks a ton, I'll get those tonight. I'm a tech support guy so I know all about heat and stuff, and I have done a ram test before so I know my ram is good, left it for 14 hours while I worked (doing 12 hour shifts). I guess I could try Everquest and go to the Bazaar, I dunno any program with more textures and polygons, lol.

The one thing I really don't know, is the stepping of the ram, not sure how to go about messing with that, I guess I'll do some research on that. Thanks for all the help.


06-06-04, 08:32 AM
I use Prime95 for testing myself stability and heat output myself. If I have something wrong it fails within seconds usually.

06-06-04, 09:14 AM
my motherboard has an antiburn shield or something whatever, so I think it shuts off by itself if it gets to hot, so maybe I'll try it as high as possible and work my way down :)


06-06-04, 04:21 PM