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06-06-04, 02:20 PM
I was another board and was looking for threads with store listing of new video cards in stock. Just emailed and got a reply from this guy saying he has the 6800 ultra in stock, as in ready for delivery, not preorder. One last thing, he only ships within the US. Mind you, he didn't tell me what the brand was, so you may want to email the guy. (info button on the left of the screen). He's a fast replier. Emailed him sunday at 12pm, replied at 3pm.


06-06-04, 02:22 PM
$600? No thanks...

06-06-04, 02:35 PM
$600 is a little much, but I e-mailed him about the brand.

06-06-04, 02:42 PM
A 10-foot pole comes to mind, I'd check the history of that site on resellerratings.com just to be safe.

06-06-04, 02:54 PM
Notice thats a 1 slot 6800 ultra so its prollly the ASUS version. I might order it.

06-06-04, 02:59 PM
Notice thats a 1 slot 6800 ultra so its prollly the ASUS version. I might order it.

Heh, thats GT cooling and an incorrect number of transistors. Make sure you check the store out before you send them anything.

06-06-04, 03:28 PM
He's obviously an idiot:

Taken from this post on the gamespot forums (http://forums.gamespot.com/gamespot/show_messages.php?board=314159272&topic=14153721&page=4)

"Since the PC world is about to change forever due to PCI Express, DDR2 Memory, 4Ghz Processors... This gen of cards is really just a waste of time anyway. I mean the old gen cards 9800s and 5900s are more than enough to handle today's most demanding games. I mean even near future games like HL2 Doom III and Stalker are basically going to require the same specs as far cry. I recommend, if you don't already have one, getting a 128MB 9800 Pro when they drop to $150. At least then you're getting what you paid for. I mean my friend's P4 2.0, 768MB PC3200, 128MB 9600SE runs Far Car at 10x7 with everything maxed out (no AA or AS) perfectly fine. Once I saw that I knew there was absolutely no point to buy these cards. They're just for people who are dumb enough to buy every new piece of hardware that comes out. They want you to buy cards ever year and waste your money, meanwhile you only need to buy one every 2-3 years. I mean the 9700Pro came out in 2002 and will last well into 2005. That was probably the last real leap in the evolution of graphics. Until next years cards come out, there's no point to getting these ones; unless your running a G4 or something. But even that runs FC perfectly. So I guess if your running anything with 128MB memory and DX8.1 or up you're basically fine. DX9 isn't that much of an improvment. DX8.1 was revolutionary."

Edit: If you don't mind paying $600, there are three eVGA available here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=40158&item=5100288671&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW.

94.something% positive feedback...

06-06-04, 04:28 PM
PowerOFC3 is NOT listed on resellerratings.com


06-06-04, 04:35 PM
That should raise a ton of red flags. I'd stay far away from this one.

06-06-04, 05:08 PM
Also, if you go through the order process it says items will ship in 1-2 weeks and ground delivery is the only delivery method (that will probably take a while for some also).

06-06-04, 10:44 PM
1-2 weeks you could go to BEST BUY or other places and buy one off the shelf(hopefully) for $100 less

06-07-04, 08:56 AM
available at comp usa now......

06-07-04, 09:05 AM
available at comp usa now......
That PNY was been listed on CompUSA's website for some time now. I've asked at my local store though and all they can tell me is that "there are just zeros across the screen from availability to stock".

EDIT: I just saw your other post, great! Looks like they're starting to roll out on website orders now. :)

06-07-04, 09:18 AM
Actually the PNY was listed a little while ago however it stated at that time of unknown delivery or ship dates. AND then it was removed and no listing showed up. It was actually NOT on there about 2 hours ago.

BTW got confirmation of order now too

Site also states that the order will be fullfilled by nearest compusa to YOU that HAS the item. So if your local store dont show it, the order will be fullfilled by another store.

06-07-04, 09:32 AM
Ok, thanks for clearing that up. I saw it listed over a week ago but had not checked back since then.