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06-07-04, 03:36 PM
A few months ago I got a warning message saying that my vid card wasn't getting enough power and that it was slowing down my video card, to not cause damage. So I changed some power cables around in my case and reconfigured some of the cables. That message didn't come up again and then yesterday I got the same message. But this is the first time that I have gotten that message in like 2 months. Has my video card been underclocked that whole time or does it reset it self every time I turn my computer on and off? Also what could be causing this warning? Could it just be a bug? I have a 450watt power supply.

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06-07-04, 08:00 PM
Question and a comment. First, what brand/make/model is your power supply? Just because it's 450 watts doesn't mean it still isn't a cheap unit when compared to a quality, name brand like Antec or Enermax.

Second, don't bump two hours after you post. Not good forum ettiquite. :nono:

06-07-04, 08:17 PM
I believe it is an ISO, it came with my case.

06-07-04, 08:27 PM
I believe it is an ISO, it came with my case.

ISO? I think that's just a term. open the case and take a closer look. Somewhere on there it should say a brand name.

And Sat is correct, a cheap brand of power supply can be the cause of this problem, even a 450w one.

Also, try disconnecting the molex power connectors to things you dont need for testing purposes, even if it means disconnecting every CDROM drive, floppy drive, certain fans, and remove all PCI cards too those suck up power. And if your overclocking, setting everything back to stock speed. This will help determine if lack of power or unstable rails is the issue.