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06-08-04, 11:53 PM
Here is a new game.. that is incomming for the PC.. PIRATES!!

this is a game that actually is in the hall of fame.. i really can't count the hours a day you could spend playing that game...

here is the original..

it comes with maps for your navigation using sailors tools used in the past.. i was playing that game just recently ,thanks to the emulators out there.. i was merely "testing" how good the emulator was.. to my surprise ,spend a full day playing the game.. again.. WHoah!!
i couldn't believe it.. it was another confirmation that graphics alone doesnt mean anything if the gameplay is not there. :)

What this game lack in graphics ,(by today standars) it shines in story and the inmersive gameplay that could be only comparable to reading a really good book of History of the world.

in this game simply the main missions is to serve a country (the once you choose) ,and conquer territory for them. fight againts others nations.. sunk their ships or capture them ,take their GOld for your country. pretty cool isnt it? :D

you need to use the Sun for navigation ,repair your ships when they are damages,maintain your crew happy with enough food.. you can hunt for treasures lost.. rescue people almost anything a Pirate will do is there. what is even more cool is that the game actually have real historical data. so you can play with accuracy of events of things that happened in the past.. so yes you can also learn about history there too..im a fast FPs fan of quake's style games,but this game is really fun.. to play ..even the 80's version..

now learned recently that the Developers are working today in the sequel of this game ..demostrated IN this year E3.. but this time with even more cool gameplay ,and latest Dx9 graphics and effects . :D

you can even design your custom pirates flags if you want to work indepent of any nation.


in game screenshots..
here... (http://media.pc.gamespy.com/media/566/566713/imgs_1.html?fromint=1)


and this one deserve a guiness record for the longest time for a sequel to be planned nothing less than 17years.. :D
planned release date Q4 2004. dont miss the oficial site.. with more screenshots and trailers..