View Full Version : Viewsonic LCD Problems

06-09-04, 08:13 PM
I just got a new (old) Viewsonic VG175 monitor. It looks a lot better than my 5 year old CRT from Gateway.

Anyway, when I have a lot of white on the screen (i.e. viewing webpages, work processing, etc.) the text looks like it has a shadow fairly far to the right (almost half a character or better. I can see it behind the mouse cursor also. But looking at the text on the desktop with a black background and white text, I can't see it.

Just wondering what fix there might be for this, or do I just have a bad cable? I used the Belkin cable I had on my old monitor instead of the one supplied with it, but I didn't notice anything wrong with the text on the old CRT.

Almost forgot...resolution is at recommended native 1280x1024x60Hz. I've tried to run it at 72Hz and 75Hz (which aren't recommended at this resolution), but no change. Also, I tried changing the display timing modes in nVidia's drivers, but also no change.

Thanks in advance.

System Specs:
Athlon XP 1900+
MSI K7N420 Pro
eVGA GeForce4 MX 440