View Full Version : I need an awsome Watercooling setup

06-10-04, 05:24 PM
At the end of august I will be getting an 8,000 bonus check. I want to purchase the best watercooling system posssible but have no idea what to buy since Ive never purchased any sort of water cooling supplies before. Any suggestions?

06-10-04, 06:08 PM
I too posted a topic, but researched it a bit.
First you need a cpu waterblock the best ones are right now are the White River from D-Tek Customs I'm getting that http://www.dtekcustoms.com, TDX/RBX @ http://www.dangerden.com , or the best a Cascade don't have the link on me but they sell for $100+ and there is a waiting line for them since some guy makes them. Next you might get a vga and a northbridge block, nb isn't really necessary just makes your water warmer. A maze4 gpu block can be had at http://www.dangerden.com Then you need a radiator, best would be to buy an 86 Chevette Core, put 1/2" barbs on it and use a tupper ware shroud coupled with 2 120mm fans one fan sucks other blows. If you can't mod get a heater core from http://www.dtekcustoms.com w/ shroud they are just pre-modded chevette heater cores. You'll also need a pump the best pumps at a very high price are the Itawki's I think that's the name. If not I recommend a mag 3 pump it has 11.5" head with a 350GPH: http://www.marinedepot.com/md_viewItem.asp?idproduct=DN1121

You'll also need 1/2" tubing, and some clamps don't get plastic/nylon buy some steel ones. Also don't forgot watter wetter and if you want add some UV dye. Oh yes you need a reservor just get a 5 1/2" bay res or dual floppy bay resorvor make sure they are 1/2" straight not elbowed. Most of these thigns can actually be bought at http://www.dtekcustoms.com for pretty cheap.

06-10-04, 07:20 PM
Awsome thx for the help :)