View Full Version : FS: Aspire 500 watt PSU

06-11-04, 03:13 AM
Ive got an aspire 500 watt PS, with a see through acrylic cover. Its barely used (<1 month), I replaced it when I got a sleeved one from performance-PCs.com (same model). The +12V is consistanly betwen 11.85 and 12. Never seen it dip below 11.75. You can check it out at aspireusa.net, it's the black one.

I use(d) it to power 2 optical drives, 2 hard drives, a floppy, 1 GB of RAM, 5 case fans and a 9800 pro, and intend to use it to power a 6800 Ultra when I get one. I'm selling it for $45 shipped (US). PM me if your interested. Comes with retail box.

Here are some reviews for this unit:


I also have some Vantec blue led and Enermax case fans (80mm) that I'll sell for dirt cheap.

06-11-04, 07:25 PM
How noisy is this unit?

I'm looking for something reeeeeal quiet, my current one is a freaking tornado.

06-11-04, 09:23 PM
It has an adjustable fan, I run it at about 25-50% and its silent. If you turn it up over 75% it's gonna be really noticible but unless you're really overclocking I don't see the need to.