View Full Version : no display after pc reboot without screen

06-11-04, 03:57 AM

I have a Geforce4 MX 440
by accident, I started my pc without a screen (switchbox on the other pc)

after that, even if I reboot, I have no screen appearing after Windows XP start !

I have tried to start in VGA mode, it works but ...
I can also start in safe mode, but impossible to change the attributes of Nvidia card because it says : NVCPL.DLL not loaded

How can I recover ?

Thanks in advance


06-11-04, 04:02 AM
Go back to safe mode, go to the control panel > add/remove programs, remove your display drivers. then go to device manager and uninstall your VGA adaptor. when you reboot you should now have video on winxp. finally you will need to reinstall the nvidia drivers and reboot once more